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15 Sex Blogs to Follow in 2015

I read a lot about sex for my personal enjoyment and curiosity as well as for research for my blog posts and my bi-weekly Sex Stories We Love articles for Kinkly.

However, there are some blogs I religiously follow because they appeal to me and do an exceptionally good job of promoting adult sex education and opening up conversations about sex.

I’ve listed my favorite 15 Sex Blogs to Follow in alphabetical order because one is not necessarily better than the other. I like them all for different reasons. You may like them all or just a few depending on your interests. All I ask is that you check them all out and share this list and your favorite (or new favorite) sex blogs. We can’t have enough voices to put great sex information in more peoples’ hands.

A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age: I have the biggest girl crush on Erica Jagger. She’s a woman over 50 and is owning her sexuality the same way Donald Trump owns high-value real estate. She does a great job of exposing herself – pictorially and through her real-life experiences – as well as other women of a certain age.

Bree Guildford Erotica: I love that happy and giddy vibe that I get from people in love and Bree Guildford is one of them, whether it’s in her erotica or musings about her life or thoughts.

Cara Sutra: There’s just so much to love about Cara Sutra’s blog. Yes, that Cara Sutra … the one who made headlines around the world this past summer for getting paid to have 15 orgasms a week reviewing sex toys. But she writes about so much more than sex toys. She gives expert adult sex education advice and has profiled other sex bloggers and erotica writers. And just because she’s a Dominatrix doesn’t mean that she writes just for the kink crowd.

Fuckblogging: I just love the husband and wife blogging team of Ryan and Venice. They share so much of their sex life in such honest and open ways – the good and the not-so-good times, the serious and funny moments. We need more blogger couples like them. I think we need to know what other couples go through to learn, be entertained, or to say, “They sound just like us!”

Galen Fous: Galen Fous is a psychotherapist who specializes in fetishsexuality. His posts take mindful and academic approaches on what kink is all about. From the several times I’ve talked to him, I can say he’s a good man even though the folks at the Good Men Project have banned his articles on fetishsexuality.

Girl on the Net: I am always entertained by Girl on the Net in all of her random musings about sex. Just a girl who’s real, authentic, and a damn good writer.

I Married a Sex God: Smart girls are sexy, and Marie Franklin is one of them. She’s known for intelligent and deeply probing posts on sexuality from observations, research and her personal experiences.

Jolynn Raymond’s Dark Obsessions: Jolynn Raymond churns out some really hot BDSM erotica. I also love her blog for the ways she shares her thoughts and life with her wonderfully lovely wife and promotes and supports erotica writers and the BDSM and LGBTQ communities. Got to love an author and/or blogger who’s not just about his or herself.

Modesty Ablaze: You just can’t help but to love Modesty Ablaze. She’s a proper looking wife and mum (maybe it’s her well-refined British accent and how properly she writes), but she’s cheeky and fun. And you’ll never know where she’ll flash that gorgeous body of hers or what she shares with her hubby and lovers on Make Love Not Porn.

Ninja Sexology I appreciate a good sex toy reviewer like Lunabelle from Ninja sexology, but I also like that she’s a great sex blogger and a woman like most women. As she puts it: “Between family and my job, life can be pretty hectic. I’ve come to realize that it’s easier to deal with everything life may throw at me when I remember to take care of myself and put my own needs first sometimes. I need a corner of my life where I’m not mom, wife or employee… and you’ve found it.”

Pamela Madsen: It’s not just that Pamela Madsen is a sex coach and author that makes her so read-worthy. She writes from the soul, too – something that’s equally inspirational when it comes to great sex.

Sex in Words: Jon Pressick is my go-to guy when it comes to sex in the news, whether it’s his own posts on timely topics, his weekly sex story roundups – Sex News! I Love It!, or podcasts of the episodes he hosts on CIUT’s Sex City. He’s a great interviewer on-screen, too. He asks very pointed and personalized questions in his occasional The Hook-Up feature where he profiles sex bloggers. He also has provocative questions in his #dailysexdiscussion that carries over to Twitter.

Slutty Girl Problems: Slutty Girl Problems is unapologetically sex out loud. It keeps sex real with a dose of snark and humor.

Walker Thornton: Walker Thornton writes a lot about sex and the woman over 50, but I say you don’t have to be a woman or over 50 to love her blog. She’s also one of the most intelligent and classiest sex bloggers on the Internet.

I don’t want to name Little Shop of O’s blog posts as an honorary mention. It definitely ranks among the 15 Sex Blogs to follow in 2015, but I have to disclose that I write for their site and write sponsored posts for them on my blog. But I don’t write everything. There are a lot of blog posts that are worth reading in its Sex Tips, Erotica, Sex Talk and O’s Exposed sections.