Toys in the Boudoir

25% Off Sex Toys at A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique’s Lovehoney Annex!

AGWDM lovehoney saleI love getting great deals! Getting a great deal when I’m shopping comes in a far second to sex. So why not combine the two and get 25% when you spend $25 or more at A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique’s Lovehoney Annex by clicking this link or on the dropdown box on the menu at the top of the page.

On top of the 25% off discount, Lovehoney is also running up to 50% off on 3 for $20, 3 for $40, 3 or $80, 3 for $120 bundle packages on select items.

To get the 25% discount, type in the coupon code 2525MAYLOVE at this link. This offer runs until Sunday, May 31.

Is that a great way to get a lot of bangin’ for your buck, or what?

Deals like this help cut down on the ad clutter on my site. I’ll appreciate the deal you’ll get, too!