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3 Conversations You Never Want to Have with Your Fuck Buddy

AGWDM fuck buddyA lot of people want to have or have a fuck buddy. Usually it’s because their life situations are more complicated than an “it’s complicated” relationship status. Ideally, having a fuck buddy shouldn’t be complicated, especially when you screen potential fuck buddies on a site like Fuck Buddy Dating ( to find out if you have mutual reasons for keeping the sex hot and the buddy end of things cool.

Friendships last longer than a lot of relationships and marriages for a lot of people. That’s because people usually don’t entangle friends in the kinds of messiness that committed couples get into. We tend to spend time with friends for the sake of fun. Having a fuck buddy is a lot like that except the fun centers around sex. What can be more fun than sex?

There aren’t as many articles about how to have a good friendship as there are articles about how to have a good relationship. In many ways, being a good friend with benefits can be a murky cross between a friendship and a relationship. With that being said, a great way to maintain that balance is to be mindful of the three conversations to never have with your fuck buddy.

1. Don’t talk about family, personal, life problems. Except for those one or two trusted friends you’ve known forever and can keep a confidence, we never spill the beans about the stresses a problem child or meddlesome mother bring on in our lives. We don’t go into detail about things like financial difficulties and difficult bosses. We keep things like that to ourselves because they’re private, embarrassing or because they ruin a good time. Even though things can get intimate in the bedroom with your fuck buddy doesn’t make it okay to get intimate in negative ways. Like most of your friends, there isn’t much that your fuck buddy can or is willing to do. Plus, talking about negative things doesn’t set the mood for a positively good time. Let your time with your fuck buddy be an escape from your problems. It’s better therapy than venting.

2. Don’t go into detail about sex with other former and current partners. If it’s understood that the both of you are seeing or are open to seeing other people, don’t share the details. How often do you hear a friend share the details of his or her sex life or what their partner’s like in bed? Almost never, and if someone does, it can be an awkward conversation. And people have sexually fragile egos. No one wants to be compared other partners or really wants to know that their partner is the same way with someone else the same way he or she is with you.

3. Don’t suggest going out on dates or out with friends, and especially with family. Some fuck buddies are perfectly fine with meeting for drinks, coffee or a casual meal before or after getting down to dirty business. That’s up to you, but make an agreement that you’ll pay separate checks or take turns paying the bill. Don’t fuck up a good fuck buddy arrangement the same way a lot of relationships get fucked up when it comes to who picks up the tab. Also, it’s a good idea to keep friends and relatives from knowing about your fuck buddy. It will only bring on a bunch of intrusive questions that you don’t want to answer or explain. More than likely, your fuck buddy doesn’t want to have that level of involvement in your personal life anyway.

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