4 Things Women Talk About After They’ve had Sex with You

AGWDM 4 things women talk about after theyve had sex with youMen and women are quite different in many ways and one of these ways is how they react following a sexual encounter, especially if you’re into hookups or friends with benefits sex.

Some women don’t kiss and tell, especially if she’s seeing a guy or a variety of guys just for the sake of a good fuck every once in a while or meeting guys on sites like Casual Encounters Melbourne http://casualencountersmelbourne.com.au or Casual Encounters Sydney (http://casualencounterssydney.com.au). But some women tell all, either on social media or on a girls’ night out, especially if there’s alcohol involved. The more wine or margaritas, the more they’ll dish, and these are the four things that are usually discussed:

1. If the Sex Was Good or Bad
Assuming that a woman will tell all about her sexual escapades with you, she’ll tell her friends if the sex was good or if it was bad. What makes sex good versus bad? If you enthusiastically spend a lot of time on foreplay, make it fun, and get her body properly primed for the main event, she’ll swoon and probably try to make her friends feel jealous. Women are competitive that way. She may brag about your technique. If you bring on the big “O”, especially multiple times or for an extended period of time — bonus points!

What’s bad sex? Only going through the motions just for the sake of you getting off. Coming too quickly, not at all, or not being able to hold an erection, especially if she really had to work at pleasing you or if you treated her indifferently or acted a douchebag. Don’t treat a woman casually; charm and charisma play a big role in turning her on mentally, emotionally and physically. If she didn’t come and you didn’t make an attempt to please her during foreplay or after you got what you wanted, she’ll tell her friends that you failed the audition and won’t be getting a callback.

2. What Your Body Was Like … Yes, Even “That” Part

Most of the time men will talk about tits, ass or both, but women will look at the entire package. She will probably tell her friends if your body was muscular or soft, if you have a nice or saggy butt, or if you have six-pack abs or a full keg. Body hair is a popular topic, and not just the pubes. And yes, size does matter to some women.

3. What Type of Sex You Had

Another thing that women will often discuss following casual encounters in Melbourne is the type of sex they had. Was it slow and seductive or was it rough and hot? The type of sex you have can really matter to a woman, especially in a casual relationship. Many times women will get into hookups and FWB relationships to try new things and to push the limits of their sexuality.

4. If She Will Sleep With You Again

You should expect a women to tell her friends if she will sleep with you again or if it was a one-time thing, especially if she wants her friends’ opinions on whether she should sleep with you again.

If it bothers you that a woman might discuss your romp with her friends, remember that you probably do the same thing with your buddies. Also, if it’s just a casual thing, you may never come face-to-face with her friends. If you do, likely the sex was good, and they’ll have a very high, if not desirous, opinion of you.

Bottom line: it’s best to get to know a woman and see if you’re on the same page about what is mind-blowing sex, especially if it’s likely that she’ll be talking about it with her friends.

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  1. Hard to Keep Up With You! Your Blog was Great! Thank You!

  2. There can be benefits to women talking about you behind your back. I’m sure that back in my younger promiscuous days I was passed around a circle of friends depending on who needed what and when. It was a bit weird the first time I’d been out with one of the girls for the evening, got back to her room to be given a very passionate and sexy kiss and then told that her friend would love it if I dropped around to see her and then the next thing you know your in the arms of a different girl to the one you’ve been out with.

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