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A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique’s Dirty Deal – New Koala Flavored Lubes

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Sorry for getting this week’s A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique’s Dirty Deal out to you late this week, but I was rightfully and appropriately busy (*wink*) when the stash of new products came up on the site over this past weekend. Some of those tasty goodies include two new flavors of one of my favorite brands of flavored lubes – Koala Lube Coconut Mango Cooler and Koala Lube Watermelon Lemonade.

I realize there are lots of people who think that flavored lubes are silly or are bound to taste bad. What an oversight! Food and sex are very sensual experiences. When I tested Koala Lube’s Mojito and WooWoo (vodka, cranberry and peach schnapps) flavored lubes for The Great Lube Taste Test last year, I was pretty damn impressed. They’re not what I would call outstanding lubes for penetration, but they taste really yummy and provide a good amount of slickness for licking, sucking and stroking. And what a good flavored lube can do for your mouth, tongue and lips when you’re performing oral sex … oh my! Talk about mad oral sex skills in a bottle! Flavored lubes make oral sex much more luscious for both givers and receivers. (The link explains how and why.)

What I also like is that Koala Lubes are made with 100% safe food grade and body-safe ingredients.

Koala Watermelon Lemonade 10% - Coupon Code WATERMELONLEMONADE10

Koala Watermelon Lemonade 10% Off – Coupon Code WATERMELONLEMONADE10

Koala Lube Coconut Mango Cooler 10% Off - Coupon Code COCONUTMANGO10

Koala Lube Coconut Mango Cooler 10% Off – Coupon Code COCONUTMANGO10

If you’re new to flavored lubes or want to try Koala Lube’s new flavors, take 10% off Coconut Mango Cooler with the coupon code COCONUTMANGO10 or 10% off Watermelon Lemonade with the coupon code WATERMELONLEMONADE10. The coupon codes are valid until Friday, July 31.

Other flavors to add to your sexual smorgasbord include…

Caramel AppleS’moresTiaramisuButterscotch BourbonPecan PummpkinChocolate StrawberryCreme BruleeMaple CinnamonBanana CustardRaspberry CheesecakeOrange CreamsicleBlueberries & Cream