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A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique’s Guide to Buying Plus-Size Lingerie

AGWDB leopard printIs lingerie just for skinny girls? Hell no! Bigger girls usually have the advantage when it comes to wearing lingerie to show off their bodacious boobs and curves.

Brick and mortar and online stores keep doing a better job at offering plus size lingerie, but just because something comes in your size doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good. That’s why I made some really careful choices in selecting plus-size lingerie for A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique.

Choose the right size Looking good isn’t about wearing a small size; it’s about wearing the right size. The numbers and letters on your garment tag are nobody’s business but your own. Buying a size too small will have your body bulging out in all the wrong places and leave you feeling very uncomfortable . On the other side of the spectrum, buying a size too big will make you look sloppy, unpolished and appear bigger than you are. If you’re go up a size in order to feel comfortable, that’s exactly what a right sized garment will do. If you’re not sure what size you wear, especially in bras, get fitted at a bra or lingerie store.

AGWDB black polka dot chemiseBoost the bust The great thing about shopping for lingerie as a plus sized woman? Usually, it means that you don’t have to worry about filling in the top of your garment. Go all out with a little underwire, lace, plunging cuts, and gorgeous details. For bras and bra-style tops, go with a bit of a thicker strap. They’ll help give the girls a lift (this isn’t just a big girl problem) and make your nightie or set look better proportioned.

AGWDB green bustierFool the eye Regardless of size, every woman has at least one good feature. Show them off whether it’s your booty. legs or your ta-tas. If you want to camouflage problem areas, go for prints as opposed to solid colors. If you’re a thick-waisted gal, go for corsets or bustiers, especially if they have peplum bottoms that flare out at the hips. They’ll give the illusion of having an hourglass figure. Avoid side slits if you have bigger hips. While slits are sexy, front slits are better for those who carry a little bit of baggage on the sides of hips and thighs. Darker color side insets on chemises have a slimming effect.

AGWDB fabricWhen it comes to fabric, quality counts Just because you’re a larger woman it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear sheer or body-hugging fabrics. This is where better fabrics come into play. A sheer fabric with a little extra weight and pleating will flow on your body and not just leave you looking naked. Avoid really lightweight body-hugging, clingy fabrics; go with something that will give your outfit that will give you more shape and support. Spandex is your friend. So are leather and faux leather.

Color is crucial Chances are that you already have your favorite clothing colors. You love them because they look good against your skin and hair. Wearing the best colors will boost your confidence, which is the sexiest thing to wear. If you’re not sure or just want to confirm which colors look best on you, check out this guide.

Stilettos are a must A pair of high-heel fuck-me-pumps or sandals lengthen the legs and make the figure appear slimmer and more proportionate. They also require the muscles of the thighs and the calves to contract, giving off the illusion of a more toned body.

When buying lingerie or any kind of clothing online, check customer reviews for comments on fit.

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