The Art of Erotica

A Masterful Rescue

This is a chapter from my ebook, A Masterful Seduction by the Book, available at Smashwords.

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George and I spent New Year’s Eve with the group that had been at his house the weekend before Christmas. We all pitched in to rent an elegant hotel suite and had a ridiculously expensive catered seafood buffet. Champagne poured from glasses well before midnight.

By the time the calendar flipped the page, George had me roped and bound in his most intricate shibari creation yet. Yards and yards of rope were spun, twisted and knotted all over my body. By the time he finished, he made sure that every woman there – sub and Domme — got to titillate and tease me any way they pleased, and the pleasure was more than mine. If they weren’t cupping my breasts, they were sliding their fingers in and out of my pussy – sometimes two and three of them at a time.

“If I could only get that wet,” said one of the women.

“I bet she tastes delightful,” another one said. “Lucky Sir George.”

He indeed looked lucky. He just sat back and grinned from ear to ear. I loved seeing him turned on.

When he finally got around to untying me, I whispered under my breath, “You’re such a show-off, sir.”

“I love showing you off, my sweet kitten,” he replied.

It was all spectacularly fun, but I felt a bit of a void without Katherine being there. I figured that Thomas rang in the new year with his wife, but Katherine could have easily come by herself. In fact, a few people mentioned the same thing. It sounded as if they expected her to be there.

When he finally had me fully untied, we went back to our room and soaked in a deep Roman tub filled scented with lavender bath salts. It was just what I needed to take the stiffness out of my body. No matter what challenges George put me through, he always had the sweetest ways of rewarding me in indulgences.

He held me against his strong, solid body, and rubbed my shoulders and arms until they felt limber again. He slipped his cock into my ass and effortlessly pulled me back and forth in the water until we came together. When we finally came down, he toweled me off and I fell directly in bed. I woke up the next morning the same way we fell asleep with him holding me against his body.

George was about to call room service for breakfast in bed when he got a call on his cell phone. The call was from Katherine.
I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but …