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Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth) Week 1 Update

If you’ve been following Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth) or wondering what it’s about, there’s been a ton of great information coming in from sex experts, bloggers and enthusiasts from all over the Interwebz. I’ve been logging the most relevant articles in the Adult Sex Ed Month Stories by Topic page of my site. It’s quite a list so far!

I hate to single out any particular contributors (they’re all fantastic), but one of my favorites is sex writer Symone Kitty Nelson (@TheSymoneShow). She’s contributed a lot of great how-to and informative stories from her site, some of which include:

Blow him away! More oral sex tips, tricks & positions!!!
The art of Fingering
Male G-Spot 101…the P-Spot

The folks at Condom Depot TV (@SHWINGsaidgarth and @TheWalleh) are also doing a bang up job sharing the ins and outs of sex. Some of the great information they’ve been sharing from their site includes:

What’s Up with the Male Erection? – The Excitement Phase
Unexpected Erogenous Zones
Fake It ‘Til You….Make It?: Dudes Faking The Big-O

If you’re more into sex research geekery, then erotica writer Matthew Vett is your guy to follow. Some of his finds include:

Breast Size and Solicitation
Japanese Bra Size Map
Penis Size Probability

Matthew has also been sharing a lot of his statistical sex tidbits in 140 characters or less on Twitter at @MatthewVett, as well.