Adult Sex Ed

#AdultSexEdMonth, Kinkly, the BBC & Dick Pics

Every once in a while, some snarky smartass will say to me: “#AdultSexEdMonth? It’s that something we should be doing all 12 months of the year?”

Well, of course, yeah … duh. But when you pool so many great sex bloggers and sexperts in to share their wealth of knowledge about on social media, what you can learn is truly astounding. The stuff I’ve posted in advance on behalf of #AdultSexEdMonth and everything that’s been coming in over the past couple of days has been unfrickingbelievable! You’ve got to see what’s come in so far! So many great people have gotten behind this. I wish there was a way to pull everyone in for a great big giant group hug! (Pinches and gropes are welcome, too!)

Some of those people who do a super-awesome job of pulling together excellent articles and information about sex five days of the week all 12 months of the year is Kinkly. I’ve really enjoyed pulling together Sex Stories We Love for them and with Jon Pressick for the past year. And, of course, they’ve allowed me to indulge sharing some of the great content you’ll find during #AdultSexEdMonth in this week’s Sex Stories We Love. It’s kind of a Readers Digest version of some of the great adult sex ed stories you’ll see floating around during the month of June, but the collection of stories will keep you busy reading for a while.

The BBC (Big Black Cocks)
I’ve also been enjoying writing posts for AROUSR. The site owner is really committed to not only providing a safe resource for sexting, phone sex and video/Skype sex chat sessions, but also putting out articles on provocative sex-positive articles about sex. One of the stories I’ve really enjoyed writing for them is on the BBC … and not the British media network. It’s somewhat of a controversial topic people assume that’s racist, but it’s really not. On average, black men may have slightly larger members — only by a tenth of an inch — but like any man, black men are more than just their dicks. If you want to know about the BBC’s legendary reputation, you can find out more about it here.

Dick Pics
Personally, I don’t care getting dick pics from men I don’t know. Lots of women say the same. They can be crude and crass and just bad and unappealing photographs in general. Seeing anyone with a towel rack and a toilet in the mirror reflection in a picture is just plain icky. The always want me to say “Goodbye” than “Hello” to a guy and his little friend. But I know that I or anyone or anything is not going to stop men from flaunting their manhood online or on smart phones. That’s why I did a public service by giving some hints on taking better dick pics for AROUSR.