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Crown Skinless Skin Condoms: The Best Condoms Ever!

In all the years of my adult life, I never thought I’d rave or write review about a condom. As a woman, I really knew the difference between one kind of condom or another. As long as it’s on and I don’t have to worry about pregnant, they’ve all been good condoms.

Hell, I want to shout from the proverbial rooftops about Crown Skinless Skin condoms.

At first, I didn’t know my lover had made a switch in brands. Quite frankly, it’s not the thing we talk about when I’m shouting, “I want you in me!” I was surprised I could say that much at that particular time.

During what went straight into some really hardcore fucking, I thought he was being over and above his usual unbridled self or maybe it was all that tension the both of us had pent up in each other for not having been with each other for two months. He felt exceptionally hard. I could feel ever contour of his cock rubbing against my inner walls. The more I could feel his every ridge rub up against mine, the more out of control my orgasms became, the more he put into his every push and plunge into me.

After we came down from one of our most ultimate joint thrill ride, we had a bit of a scare. A look of panic came across his face. His face turned powder white.

“I can’t find it,” he said, looking at and stroking his cock trying to find the condom.

I frantically searched inside of myself, but couldn’t feel anything that shouldn’t have been there. He shook the sheets and turned the covers over. It had to be somewhere. It couldn’t have gone far.

As his cock softened a bit, he said, “Huzzah! It’s here.”

He pulled it off and an aura of joy and amazement took over. He couldn’t stop blabbering about how good it felt and how well he could feel me inside. And he’s not a blabbering kind of guy.

“It was if I had nothing on at all,” he said more than once.

In hindsight, I’m laughing. Most times we revel in how good we are with each other, but this time I had to agree that a condom made a remarkable difference in something I never imagined could be so much better.

Other than my personal and enthusiastic experience with these condoms as a woman, the only things I can see that might be drawbacks are that they’re pink and that they really aren’t that well-lubricated … neither which are concerns of mine.