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Female Escorts: Making Sure What You See is What You Get

AGWDM escorts and babesWhether you’re new to procuring a female escort, traveling, or just want a new or one-time experience, sometimes there’s a big risk in what you see is who you’ll get when you meet up or answer the door.

One surefire way to reduce your risk of disappointment is to go through a reputable agency or a directory like Escorts and Babes.

So what makes an agency or directory’s website fail-safe and how can you double-check?

Verified photos. False advertising is bad for business, so sites like Escorts and Babes verify photos of the women advertising on them. To double-check the authenticity of photos, right click on the photo and click “Search Google for this image.” If the image shows up on a bunch of random porn sites under multiple identities, chance are the photo is a fake. Tin Eye is another site that’s useful to verify that female escorts are who they say they are.

Vitals are listed. If you’re very specific about build, bust size, ethnicity, hair color, etc., the specifics are listed. So are fees, specialties and services. Review sites like The Erotic Review are a good way to back up claims and services provided. If she has only been on the job for a few weeks or months, then you are taking a higher risk.

Email and phone access prior to booking an appointments. Reputable agencies and escorts are willing to take calls and answer emails. Use the correct code-words for the services you want. A lot of times, your gut feeling will tell you if an escort is right for you. And always be professional and polite. Crude and graphic words may cause her to hang-up on you and ignore your calls.

Check out the incall location. If you arrange for incall service, check the address on Google Maps for your protection.

Protect yourself. Bring your own condoms. Shower before she arrives. Don’t leave access to your wallet, expensive jewelry or other valuables.

AGWDM escorts and babes logoThis story is brought to you by Escorts and Babes. Information and opinion about this topic are purely my own.