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Flavored Lubes Make Oral Sex Much More Luscious

The ultimate oral sex smorgasbord?

The ultimate oral sex smorgasbord?

If you’ve read my post on The Great Lube Taste Test, you may be wondering what the big deal is about flavored lubes. Simply put, they make oral sex much more luscious and better in so many ways.

Why Use Flavored Lubes?

I don’t have to tell you how thrilling a wet mouth, tongue and lips feel on the thin and sensitive skin of the genital areas. But your mouth only produces dropfuls of saliva at a time. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the mouth and tongue moist while you’re engaging in oral sex, especially when it’s hot outside, if you’ve had a cocktail or two, or you’re otherwise dehydrated. Plus, saliva, which is 99% water, absorbs into the skin quickly. If you use a condom, dam or female condom, licking latex is far from the most sensual experience in the world. Keeping skin or latex well-lubricated will prevent you from having to stop, generate more saliva, and go back at it again. Flavored lubes are a definite performance enhancer. They take the “job” out of blow job.

Think of Flavored Lubes as Liquid Sex Toys

AGWDM liquid sex toys pull quoteThink of flavored lubes as liquid sex toys. They’re all about creating enhanced and new sensations. That layer of slickness on your skin brings a whole new level of arousal when lips, tongue or the inside of a mouth slip and slide all over it. Lubes that contain peppermint oil like Aloe Cadabra’s Peppermint Tingle make your skin feel cool and tingly when your partner blows a wisp of air on it.

Why Flavored Lubes are Better Than Actual Food

Who hasn’t thought about playing with food when it comes to oral sex? But leave food to other parts of the body. Introduce sugar into the warm, wet confines of the vagina, and it’s a yeast infection in the making. Plus, water-based flavored lubes are a lot easier to clean from your body, sheets and clothing.

Doing The Great Lube Taste Test was my mission to find lubes that actually taste like food. When food tastes good, we enjoy it more. When a lube tastes good, we enjoy giving oral sex more. However, most flavored lubes aren’t without risks. Most flavored lubes contain glycerin (glycerol). It’s what gives most personal lubricants viscosity, glide and sweetness. While it’s not a sugar, it can convert into sugar in the vagina. If glycerin is a concern, I found that the Naturally Yours lubes were the best tasting glycerin-free lubes I tested. Its Chocolate Cherry lube is so good that I woke up the morning after I tried it thinking about and craving it.

Mad Oral Sex Skills in a Bottle

AGWDM mad oral sex skills pull quoteFlavored lubes can also bring on some mad oral sex skills you never thought you had. Consider what your mouth, lips and tongue do when you taste certain flavors.

Sweet, big, bold fruity flavors like My Joy Collection’s Blueberry Candy and Cannalube Pineapple Express, Raspberry Cough and Strawberry Haze spring your tongue into action as if it was the Tasmanian Devil. I like to think of those kinds of lubes as enthusiasm in a bottle.

Sweet but tart and citrusy flavors make your mouth and lips pucker. Put a couple of drops of Sex Tarts Cherry Pop, Grape Soda, Green Apple Fizz, Tangy Tangerine or Watermelon Splash on the tip of his penis and on his shaft, and you may never want to loosen your vice-like grip … and he won’t want you to.

Creamy flavors and textures like Sliquid’s Blue Raspberry Swirl naturally make the flat of your tongue lavish itself in long, broad strokes on your lover. If a lube can help keep multiple licks going on like that, Sliquid may have to rename it Labia Slayer or Boner in a Bottle.

Liquerish-flavored lubes like Kama Sutra’s Raspberry Lime and Vanilla Orange Divine Nectars get the tip of the tongue flicking. Add that to the slickness of lube and imagine where lubes like these can take the clit or the tip or on the underside of the frenulum of the penis.

Play with Your Flavored Lubes

AGWDM fun with flavored lubes pull quoteForget about all the times your mom told you not to play with your food. Playing with your flavored lubes is highly encouraged. The more you play with your flavored lubes, the more fun giving head will be. They’re a great way for more conservative and inhibited people to experiment in the bedroom without getting too daring and kinky. Even if flavored lube experimentation gets silly, what’s wrong with that? Flavored lubes are a great way to change up your usual oral sex routines.

Swiss Navy’s Chocolate Bliss has an incredible dark chocolate taste. I found that it pairs well with authentic (not candy-ish) cherry and berry flavors like Adam & Eve’s Cherry and Strawberry flavored lubes.

Swiss Navy’s Chocolate Bliss also mixes well with its Cooling Peppermint flavored lube. Cooling peppermint is a surprisingly good flavor companion with Adam & Eve’s Watermelon as well as its Cherry and Strawberry flavored lubes.

Now that’s what I call dessert!

Now are you convinced that you need a flavored lube? Or maybe six or seven of them?