Adult Sex Ed

Get Over Sex Toy Insecurity by Understanding & Enjoying Them

“Gee, you’ve got that. Why do you need me?”

Relax, guys. There’s no need to think that you can be replaced with a sex toy.

If you have a sexually evolved woman in your life, consider yourself lucky. She’s a woman who knows what she likes in bed, knows what to do, and is open to try new things for her satisfaction and yours. Part of liking and knowing what she wants comes from masturbation with sex toys, and sometimes a penis can’t do everything.

No matter how mighty and powerful you think your fully erect cock is, it may not be the right size or shape to optimally press against her G-spot during intercourse. (Yes, even long cocks can miss the mark.) Perhaps the two of you aren’t in the right position for the tip of your cock to make contact with her G-spot. A dildo or a vibrator can give her a very different sensation. The bullet on the tip of a vibrator can go slow to get her in the mood, or go to full turbo mode to blast every nerve ending out of this world. In addition to being hard and slippery, glass dildos can be cooled or warmed to give a totally different sensation than a man’s shaft.

Some women are really into their dildos and vibrators because of the different sizes, shapes and textures they come in. Some vibrators have multiple functions and speeds that stimulate different parts of the vagina and the clit in different ways. Vaginal canals vary in ridges and contours as much as men’s penises, so why shouldn’t she discover different pleasurable experiences? Think of it this way, sex toys give her a variety of experiences without interchanging you with other men.

The most important thing to remember that a sex toy isn’t better than a penis; it’s just different. Even if her favorite toy is something like the Mr. Marcus Vibrating Cock & Balls, an impossibly large phallic toy is never a replacement for a real-live man and the penis attached to him. If you rather that she pleasure herself with something in your image, there’s a kit for that.

Also, keep in mind that the clitoris is a woman’s ultimate pleasure center. Consider it to be her on switch. While circling, rubbing, licking and blowing on a a clit definitely adds to the wow factor for a woman, even the most talented tongues and fingers can’t simulate the 8,000 nerve endings on the head of a clit quite like a stimulating toy or a rabbit vibrator. Again, the experience isn’t necessarily better than what a person can do; it’s just different.

Sex toys are great for solo sex, but keep the keyword “toy” in mind. Toys are much more fun when they’re shared, and great sex will always be about mingling bodies and minds. The more men (and women) know how they work and what sex toys do, the more fun and different experiences they can share.

Remember that sex toys are gift for lovers. Candy is gone as soon as it’s eaten. Flowers fade, wilt and dry out after a week. Sex toys can be enjoyed for years.

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