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Get Ready for #AdultSexEdMonth in June!

ASEM teacher pinup button logoAre you ready for June? #AdultSexEdMonth starts Monday, June 1. Look for the #AdultSexEdMonth hashtag on Facebook and Twitter and please share articles, videos and podcasts on things you think we should all know about having better and safer sex during the month of June. Be sure to follow #AdultSexEdMonth on Twitter and Facebook.

Not a (sex) slave to social media? Bookmark the #AdultSexEdMonth Stories by Topic page on the #AdultSexEdMonth website and keep checking it as the month rolls along. We’ll record everything that come through Twitter and Facebook with the #AdultSexEdMonth hashtag. Thanks to our lovely sponsors – My Secret Luxury, Lucky Bloke, Cara Sutra, Just_Indecerous and Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart – I’ve already started loading that page with all kinds of great information they’ve written in their blogs on everything from anal sex to vulvas.

If you’ve ever taken a look at the #AdultSexEdMonth Stories by Topic archives from 2013 and 2014, you’ll see how many people it’s taken to make #AdultSexEdMonth such a valuable sex resource. They’re filled with the information and answers you’ll rarely find on the first or even 15th page when you search for this stuff on Google.

If you’re a sex blogger or have a sex-related website, please snag the #AdultSexEdMonth button and link it to the #AdultSexEdMonth website ( or the #AdultSexEdMonth Stories by Topic page ( to make this information accessible to as many people as possible. Be proud to admit and brag to everyone that you give good ed!

Even though #AdultSexEdMonth is my passion project, I really appreciate everyone that has come forward this year and in the past as an #AdultSexEdMonth sponsor. It really helps compensate for the time and costs I put into #AdultSexEdMonth. Information about how to be an #AdultSexEdMonth Sponsor or Friend with Benefits is at this link.

If you have any questions about #AdultSexEdMonth, please contact me via the contact form below.

In the meantime, please share this information and tell everyone you know about #AdultSexEdMonth. The more we know about sex, the better sex we’ll all have. The more people have better and safer sex, the happier we’ll all be. It’s one of the best ways I know of paying it forward!

Much love!