Getting Duped a ‘Bit’, Fantasies & Sex Toys for Men

AGWDM male sex toy 400I love me some satire. I used to write satire for a website that was notorious enough to get blocked on computers owned and used by the State of Michigan.

I also love interesting stories about sex. However, I don’t love getting duped — even if it’s just a “Bit” — about a satiric story about sex that I included in my roundup of Sex Stories We Love in Kinkly.

I hate coming out with disclosures like this, even though the idea of a social media-based sex app sounds ridiculous enough to be true. However, I can assure you that the other sex stories I love are legit — especially one on some women’s favorite masturbatory fantasies.

Speaking of fantasies, I was surprised to find out what some of the most popular fantasies are in a story I wrote about fantasies for AROUSR. Over the years, nothing really shocks or appalls me, but it’s always nice to be surprised even when I think I’m really up on trends in the world of sex. I think I’ll be delving deeper and writing about some of these popular fantasies in some upcoming articles for A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind.

I also had the pleasure of working with a new male sex blogger on another article I wrote for AROUSR on male masturbation and sex toys. Justin of Just Indecerous was a huge help in giving male readers some really good advice on selecting male sex toys since it’s a specialty product I can’t write with a whole lot of authority since I’m not a man. I also suggest checking out Justin’s blog, too. I’m really excited to see a man write about sex, kink and sex toys. There just aren’t enough men writing and blogging about sex, especially at his level of knowledge and expertise!

I may be posting a little less frequently in the next couple of weeks leading up to #AdultSexEdMonth, which starts June 1. I have a pretty busy workload, lots of organizing I have to do on the business end of #AdultSexEdMonth, as well as a book about adult sex education that I’m trying to get out by the first of next month. In the meantime, I hope all of you will follow and participate in #AdultSexEdMonth on Twitter and Facebook. It will be beyond the sex education you got in high school and a lot more interesting and fun!

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Bobbie Morgan is the beditor-in-chief of A Good Woman's Dirty Mind. When she's not blogging or having the best sex ever, she's putting out writing and social media services for adult businesses. Use the contact link to reach her by email.

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