Going Crazy Over Corsets at A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique

I didn’t plan on staying up past midnight, but I wound up pulling an all-nighter last night.

I blame it on corsets.

From beautiful to bodacious to badass to burlesque, I got a little more than carried away stocking A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique.

And they’re cheap. Unbelievably cheap. I double-checked close-up views to scope out quality. (I wouldn’t sell or suggest anything I wouldn’t buy myself. I’m a bit neurotic about quality when I shop for myself.) I checked reviews. Lots of them were favorable and by repeat customers. (I also passed on a few things that looked sweet but got really shitty reviews.)

Warning: if you click on the links, you’ll go to the page where you can purchase them, and there are a ton more in the Lingerie link. If you’re like me, you’ll buy more than one.

AGWDB green lace corset AGWDB red corset AGWDB red black lace peplum corsetAGWDB emerald corset w bows AGWDB butterfly corset AGWDB tattoo inspired corset AGWDB yellow cat corset AGWDB black white flower corset AGWDB black white buckle corset AGWDB black tattoo corset AGWDB black nurse corset AGWDB black peacock corset AGWDB purple brocade steampunk corset AGWDB purple rose corset AGWDB brown steampunk corset AGWDB bronze corset AGWDB champagne corset