Relationship Ramblings

Great Sex is Like Going to a Fabulous Restaurant

Great sex is like going to a fabulous restaurant. If it’s just about eating until you’re not hungry anymore, you’re missing the point.

It’s about the fun in preparing for the evening by spending time to do my hair and makeup so I look like a piece of eye candy on his arm when we walk in.

The last time my lover came into town, I didn’t know what our dinner plans would be. We just figured we’d be flexible. All I was focused on for days was whetting his appetite.

When I picked him up at the airport late that afternoon, I surprised him with a first course feast for the eyes … a short leather skirt, a form-fitting and flattering wrap top, a sexy leather jacket (well, I had to keep myself warm on the drive to the airport), and a sleek pair of heels. Our smiles, our touches, and our kisses were only the appetizer of what was to come, and much better enjoyed in private than in public.

My place was always comfortable, but this evening, he wanted to make it special … a sleek and dazzling hotel downtown, which was much closer to the airport than my apartment. Besides, being apart for about seven weeks, we were starving for each other.

As soon as we got to our hotel room, he whipped past the second course – my red and black lace push up bra, black lace panties, and sheer black stockings – and got to the main course … us. We uncovered our bodies to reveal and inspect everything on the menu. He went straight for the sweet cherries of my nipples and indulged in the sweet nectar of my pussy. His beefy cock was in need of some of my tenderizing touch before I indulged in it. We devoured each other.

Afterward, he remembered: “I haven’t eaten anything all day. I’m hungry.”

For the second time that day, I got dressed up again. In my leather skirt and with the smile he put on my face and the stride I had in my walk, I’m sure there was a man or two who thought “I want what he’s having.”

We were hungry, but we didn’t rush through appetizers. We let the moist, lemony and briny bits of oysters slide down our throats between small sips of sweet and smooth gin cocktails that quenched our thirsts like the way we usually enjoy our foreplay, easy and leisurely.

As this was already about an evening full of indulgences, filet topped with crab Béarnaise seemed fitting and appropriate. The beef was gently seared on the outside and was as red and tender as velvet in the inside, cloaked in a blanket of buttery sauce and even more buttery bits of crab meat. Like making love with each other, I wondered if he was enjoying each bite as much as I. It only took a look into his eyes to see that he was. And being able to sit across a small table for two filled me with the sight of him that I had missed for too long as we talked and ate.

“Would you like dessert?” our waitress asked.

We were definitely ready for dessert, but not the digestible kind. A good cup of coffee seemed an appropriate way to get us energized and not too full for our next course … to be accompanied with a bottle of champagne that was waiting for us in the hotel room.