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Guest Post: Parrot and the Sex Swing

AGWDM screamer sex swing 2I wrote an article yesterday about sex swings, specifically the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing. It was more of an informative piece about what to look for in selecting a sex swing. Parrot wanted to put in his $0.02 but on a different level.

I knew he enjoyed his time in the sex swing, but I had no idea he felt this way about it … or me.

Reading this made me feel like the most fortunate woman in the world. I believe I am.

Last year, I bought a sex swing. I had always been fascinated by the possibilities of suspending Bobbie while I had my way with her. It didn’t disappoint. We used it in a hotel at one of our weekend outings, and later at her home. She told me that the experience turned her to jello. She has always been very expressive in lovemaking (that means loud), but playing on the swing brought a whole new dimension to our lovemaking — and to her decibel levels.

For our most recent time together, Bobbie got a higher-end swing to evaluate, aptly called The Screamer. It has stainless steel carabiners to attach the swing to its springs, high quality webbing, well padded seat and backrest and obvious attention to detail and comfort. She called me right after it was delivered and told me it was so comfortable she could take a nap in it.

I assured her that napping was the very last thing we’d do in the swing.

We were spending a lazy Saturday afternoon in bed, when she suddenly said, “Let’s play on the swing!” I agreed enthusiastically. We had hung it in a doorway the night before, so it was ready for action. I offered to help her into the swing, but she said, “I think it’s YOUR turn to try it.” I’m game for anything where Bobbie is concerned, so I hopped on, and we adjusted the various straps for my height. She was right—it was quite comfy.

This swing supports the body at several points—butt, back, head and feet. I felt very secure and comfortable. I relaxed all my muscles completely and enjoyed the sensation of being suspended a couple of feet above the floor. I saw what she meant about napping in it.

Bobbie wasn’t thinking about napping. She stepped between my legs and took firm hold of my half-erect cock. It sprang to attention almost immediately. She had brought one of the many flavored lubes she has stockpiled—I think this one was chocolate and cherry—and spread the slick liquid liberally on me. Her cool hands and cool lube felt wonderful on my warm flesh. I quickly got hard. She began stroking me—a leisurely movement up and down, as though she was assessing the strength of my erection.

She bent down and took me into her mouth. I could feel her tongue against the sensitive underside of my cock, licking off the flavored lube. My heart rate increased. She kept working on me, sucking and licking for a while, then stroking with her hand. We had already made love twice that day, and she knew she could keep this up for quite a long time. I lay back against the padded straps and enjoyed her attentions.

One of things that makes Bobbie such an exceptional lover is that she has not been afraid to learn my body. We were lounging naked in bed one time last year (a common state for us) and she looked closely at my limp cock as though meeting it for the first time. She traced its contours and textures with her fingers, watching it get firm, then hard. She knows what feels good for me because she pays attention. She says getting me off is like pulling off an awesome magic trick.

I say, Abra-Cadabra.

I don’t know how long she kept this up. I was totally relaxed, suspended in the swing. It was a very different sensation from being in bed or in some other position; being so relaxed meant that I could focus all my attention on how she was pleasuring me.

Many women give fellatio or a hand job to their man as foreplay, to get ready for the Main Event. We guys are similar—we’ll go through all the movements of foreplay to get her wet and ready for intercourse. We have been conditioned that way. But for Bobbie and me, the leisurely exploration and pleasuring of each other is its own reward. There’s no goal we’re striving for. For many men, it’s hard to relinquish control to their partner. That’s not a problem for Bobbie and me. Being suspended in the swing allowed me to be completely relaxed as she had her way with me.

Sex can be enhanced by contrasts: a slick tongue against a sensitive spot, followed by a quick nip with the teeth; a gentle caress of the butt, with an unexpected sharp slap that leaves a pink hand print (consensually only, please!). A completely relaxed body, until an orgasm builds and crests, leaving you limp and trembling. That was part of my experience in the swing. I had no responsibilities—not even to gravity. Bobbie and the swing took care of everything. Then, almost without warning, the first scintillation, deep in my bowels. She knows what’s happening: she has heard my breathing change. She has felt the change in my penis through her lips and hand. She has felt the trembling in my thighs. The onrush of sensation washes over me, and I explode in great, loud spurts. I see sparks behind my eyelids. The pleasure is nearly unbearable. She knows the head of my cock is exquisitely sensitive now, and she handles it more gently, with loving care. She feels me start to soften in her hand. Finally, we are still. She still holds me in her warm hand.

“Wow,” I say, sincerely. No other words come to mind until I find “Thank you” after a few minutes.

What made this experience so much more intense? Part of it was my willingness to surrender myself to her completely. If you saw the swing, with all its buckles, springs and carabiners, you might think it was some sort of bondage device. You’d be wrong; making love in the swing is a very freeing experience, where not even gravity can interfere or distract. Being safely suspended allowed me to direct all my attention on the pleasure my lover was giving me. I didn’t have to think about shifting my position to make her more comfortable—she could move me around however she wanted. I didn’t even have to hold my head up.

Making love in bed is a tender, renewing experience, whether it is a marathon, athletic session late at night, lasting into the early morning, or sweet, wake-up sex at sunrise. These are an integral part of who we are physically to each other. But that swing?

Definite E-Ticket ride.