The Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

AGWDM LSOS red bow christmas lingerieGuys, if your wife or girlfriend is anyone like me, she’d love some lingerie for Christmas.

I also know that buying clothing, especially lingerie, scares and confuses the shit out of men. I spent one Christmas season when I was in college selling lingerie at an upscale department store. Almost every man who came in shopping for a woman had no idea of what the first rule of thumb of buying lingerie as a gift: bring a list of her sizes. Ask her for her list of sizes or check for size tags on clothing and lingerie she already owns.

I know all of those numbers and letters make absolutely no sense, but I’ll explain the ones you need to know. Just write these sizes down on a sheet of paper, or better yet, store them in whatever note app you use on your smart phone so you’ll have them for other gift-giving occasions.

AGWDM LSOS guys guide to buying lingerie black lace up bustier setClothing Sizes
Extra Small (XS): Sizes 0-2
Small (S): Sizes 4-6
Medium (M): Sizes 8-10
Large (L): Sizes 12-14
Extra Large (XL): Plus Sizes 14-16
Extra Extra Large (XXL): Plus Sizes 18-20
Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL): Plus Sizes 22-24

Panty Sizes
Extra Small (XS): 4 (Corresponds to clothing Size XS or 0-2)
Small (S): 5 (Corresponds to clothing Size X or 4-6)
Medium (M): 6 (Corresponds to clothing Size M or 8-10)
Large (L): 7 (Corresponds to clothing Size L or 12-14)
Extra Large (XL): 8 (Corresponds to clothing Plus Size XL or 14-16)
Extra Extra Large (XXL): 9 (Corresponds to clothing Plus Size XXL or 18-20)
Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL): 10 (Corresponds to clothing Plus Size XXXL or 22-24)

AGWDM LSOS black red babydollBra Sizes
Know her chest size (32/XS, 34/S, 36/M, 38/L, 40/XL. 42/XXL and 44/XXXL) and her cup size (AA, A, B, C, D, DD, DDD).

Stockings usually run by height and weight and there’s usually no consistent size ranges from manufacturer to manufacturer. If your wife or girlfriend falls into to one category or height and another one for weight, go with the larger size.

Don’t even begin to take a wild guess at what sizes your wife or girlfriend wears and don’t even point at a woman and tell a salesperson, “She’s about her size.” Appearances can be deceiving and some women wear different size tops and bottoms. Even if a salesperson asks “her” what her size is, the “her” may not give an honest answer or may not answer at all. Some women are locked into buying the same sizes they did 10 years and 10 or more pounds less ago. It’s also an invasive question to ask a woman you don’t know.

AGWDM LSOS pink babydoll thongGenerally, less expensive garments will run small and better quality and more expensive garments will run true to size or sometimes a little large. As a rule of thumb, if your wife or girlfriend says she fits into either Size 6 or 8, go up to the Medium if sizes run Small, Medium, Large, etc.

And don’t think your lingerie choices are limited if your wife or girlfriend wears a plus size. Lots of brands carry identical items in regular and plus sizes.

Proportionally Fit
Maybe you have an eye on something that’s barely there, but keep in mind your wife or girlfriend’s body shape and figure. If she’s busty, look for bras and tops that have extra support like underwires and thicker straps. If she’s thick in the middle, look for V-shaped necklines or garments that have a straight fit from under the bust line to just below the rib cage. These cuts are slimming and put the focus on other parts of her body. If she’s hippy or has a big booty, don’t pick garments that cut mid-way into those areas. Look for garments that fall above or below those areas.

AGWDM LSOS pink black lace plus size bra panty set buying lingerieAlways ask how garments run or if you’re shopping online, check the comments/review section. Women will often say if something runs too big or too small (usually the case with lingerie), if it’s tight in the hips, or too big or too small in the bust. Women are pretty honest and their comments are generally consistent.

Pay Attention to What She Likes to Wear
Pay attention to clothing and lingerie she likes to wear often. If there are particular styles, colors and fabrics she likes to wear, it’s because they make her feel good.

If you need additional help and ideas for picking out the right looks and styles for the special, sexy lady in your life, check out these following articles:

AGWDM LSOS stretch sating chemiseLooking Good in Lingerie Over 50
A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique’s Guide to Buying Plus-Size Lingerie

Don’t let the titles fool you. There are a lot of great tips on finding the right styles for women of all ages and sizes. Just be careful about shopping via the links on these archived articles. Very few of those garments are still available.

Most importantly, don’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping. Everything you hate about shopping gets worse the closer it gets to Christmas. Styles, colors and sizes get picked over. If you shop online, express shipping makes your purchase more expensive.

Being prepared with this information will make lingerie shopping a lot easier for you and you’ll more than likely pick out a gift of lingerie that both of you think is sexy.

LSOS-banner-ad-240x400-9Couple (1)This post is brought to you by Little Shop of O’s where you can find all of the lingerie featured in the photos and save 20% on your holiday purchase by entering the coupon code XMAS20 at the checkout. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.

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5 Comments on The Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

  1. If you really want to buy lingerie for your wife/girl friend… then the best policy is to do it regularly. Go shopping with her, shop in some friendly boutique where you can get to know the staff. Back before we had kids and we enjoyed a serious lingerie habit together we got to know the manageress in a boutique in a local town well enough that not only did she know what size my wife was, she also knew what would fit and what wouldn’t. Sizes, especially bra sizes vary. They vary between manufactures and even between styles. She knew what would fit on my wife. So I was left to just chose the style I wanted to buy for her and could avoid the complication of making sure I’d got the right size.
    The other tip I’d give is that structured garments like bras are much harder to get right than less structured things like camisoles and silky bedroom wear, so these can be a much safer bet if you aren’t 100% sure.
    If the Christmas/Birthday/I love you darling presents have to go back to the shop to be changed, it totally kills the moment.

    • Bobbie Morgan // December 5, 2014 at 11:18 am // Reply

      Great advice! You and your wife should really get back in the habit of shopping for lingerie together. Sounds like fun! *wink*

      • Please believe me, I would love too. But she doesn’t feel comfortable with her body at the moment and no amount of reassurance from me seems to do any good. Consequently lingerie isn’t going to help.
        The other piece of advise I’d give which I forgot before is buy things that will make your loved one feel good about herself.

        • Bobbie Morgan // December 5, 2014 at 4:12 pm // Reply

          One of the “tricks” that works for me is the way Parrot touches my body, even the parts of my body I’m not comfortable with, in a loving way, and not always when he wants sex. He also calls me things like beautiful at the most random times. I hate using the word “tricks” because he’s very genuine about his words and actions.

          And, yes, buying lingerie that will make a woman feel good about herself is the No. 1 reason for a woman to wear it. There’s something for everybody and every body.

  2. Great advice for the lads at this time of year, or even all year around! Sizing is always an issue, make sure you know what size she wears and what style! I do understand that the lingerie section of any shop or online store can be extremely daunting to a man, but if you have the size and know what she likes you will be fine!

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