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Handling the Emotional Highs & Lows of Casual Encounters

AGWDM casual encounters 400A lot of people go into casual sex dating and relationships thinking if it’s casual that there shouldn’t be any complications. Even if you’re not emotionally invested with someone or overly burdened with impressing them to be considered as a partner for a long-term and involved relationship, sex by its nature is loaded with emotions. There are those “feel good” hormones that kick in with sex of any kind as well as hang-ups, baggage or triggers you might have. So before you hook up with someone in person or on a site like Casual Encounters Cairns ( or Casual Encounters Townsville (, keep some of these things in mind that may mess with your mind.

The Highs

Casual sex can be exciting. There’s a certain thrill that comes with doing something that feels secret and illicit. Even if you’re more than okay with it, your casual sex hookup probably isn’t someone anyone in your world knows. It gives you the freedom to be a bit more wild and freaky in the bedroom without worrying about things like how you’re going to measure up as a potential soulmate or life partner. The novelty of having a new partner can increase that dopamine rush that leads to mind-blowing orgasms. If you’re into having some variety in your sex life, that’s a bonus, too.

Managing your expectations: Enjoy the time together for what it was the same way you would that exotic vacation or thrill-seeking adventure. Bank it in your memory and savor it.

The thrill of spontaneity. Usually, all it takes is a text or a phone call on the spur of the moment and you’re pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to have sex.

Managing your expectations: If the two of you happen to be available at the same time, great! Just don’t expect sex on demand all the time. The non-commitment clause works both ways in casual sex arrangements.

The Lows

Not getting a call back for a repeat performance. If your casual encounter was great but just a one-time fling, you may be left wondering why your partner hasn’t called back if you’re jonesing for more or if you liked this person more than you expected.

Managing your expectations: Remind yourself of the agreement or understanding the two of you had at the outset – it was a one-time or maybe an occasional thing. Even if the sex was off the charts, your hookup buddy may have reasons not to come back for a repeat performance that have nothing to do with you personally.

The sex wasn’t all that you thought it would be. Just because someone is horny doesn’t mean that they’re good in bed. Maybe both of you were a bit awkward trying to figure out what each other likes.

Managing your expectations: Not knowing everything about your hookup partner has its pros and cons. Even if you’re physically, emotionally or intellectually attracted to each other, those things can be good indicators of how you think things may go, but they’re not guarantees. Compare it to a favorite food. You may like steak, but there’s always that time that you’re not going to get a tasty piece of meat.

Morning-after regrets. Call it beer goggles or not using your better judgment. Just because someone was available when you were hot and horny doesn’t mean that they will be desirable the next morning or after the sexual high wears off. Some people even get a crisis of conscience after hooking up or feel empty, sad or depressed the next day.

Managing your expectations: Set your standards and be true to them. If your gut tells you that you can do better or if you don’t have chemistry before you get naked, take a pass. Not every opportunity to have sex will be your last. If you feel empty, sad or depressed after it’s over or the next day, maybe casual sex isn’t your thing.

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