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AGWDM help keep a good woman's dirty mind onlineIt has been so heartwarming and gratifying to have gotten to know so many wonderful people since I started A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind almost three years ago. When I started this blog, I only intended it to be a hobby, a placeholder for my erotica. I never imagined it would turn out to be one of the most popular sex blogs on the Internet. (See No. 10. Whoopee!) I can’t begin to tell you how gratified I feel when someone reaches out to tell me when something that I write means so much to them, is something to which they relate, or is something that inspires them. I cannot begin to tell you how flattered I am when therapists and physicians have told me that they recommend that their clients or patients read a particular article or my blog. Obviously, I’m doing something right. I’m doing something that matters.

However, I have some bills coming up that are necessary to keep A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind online. Because this comes at a time of year when I have other big bills to pay, I have to put my priorities in line.

I don’t want to ask for handouts, loans or donations. I want to make sure you get something of value and things you need in exchange for keeping A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind going and growing.

However, if I don’t come up with the cash by Sept. 30, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind goes away forever on Nov. 1.

Here’s how you can help.

For $25, you can place a 250X250 or 620X60 banner ad at the bottom of one the Top 25 most popular posts on A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind. Promote your website, company, service, product, event or blog. Or send a personal message or make a statement. Say anything you want. Tell someone you’re madly in love with them, they have a nice butt, wish them happy anniversary as long as it’s legal, consensual and does not violate anyone’s privacy.

I will give you a list of commercial/sponsor-free posts that are available. Posts are available on a first-come, first served basis and are exclusively limited to one banner ad.

Provide the artwork or I can develop the artwork for you for an additional $10. Be warned that I am not a graphics whiz.

Banner ads go live within 24 hours of receiving your payment via PayPal. Banner ads remain on A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind for as long as it stays on the ‘Net.

For $15, I will place a 250X250 or 620X60 banner ad at the bottom of any new post on A Good Woman’s Dirty between now and Sept. 30. The same conditions apply as the $25 Top 25 post banner ads. One ad will be placed on a post on a day you specify. However, I cannot say what the article will be, but with an average of individual 1,300 readers per day, your message is going to get seen.

I also have openings for sponsored posts. See my press kit for rates.

If you’re interested in showing your support for A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind in any of these ways, please contact me by email or via the contact link in the menu bar above.

You can also shop at any of these sites where I receive a commission for your purchase. You get things you want and need and I get to continue providing A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind free for your reading and viewing pleasure.

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