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Host the Best Sex Toy Party Ever

This ain’t your mother’s Tupperware party. Really, who gets excited about buying plastic bowls?

But sex toys? That can be loads of fun. Even for the modest or a little squeamish.

I talked with Michele, owner of Little Shop of O’s, an online sex boutique that puts on passion (or sex toy) parties in the Austin, Texas, area about what she does to help hostesses to put on the best sex toy parties ever.

“I always talk to the hostess about the crowd,” Michele says. “What are her friends like? Are they shy or a little wicked?

AGWDM boob cupcakes“Food and drinks are a great way to break the ice and get people comfortable. A lot of women serve fun foods like penis cakes, boob cupcakes and little cocktail wieners and meatballs (I like this recipe for spicy Chicken Blue Ballz served with blue cheese dressing).”

If you want to keep things sexy but a little classier, my Chocolate Adult Finger Paint makes for a great fondue sauce.

Chocolate Adult Finger Paint

1 lb. chopped dark chocolate
1 cup heavy cream
3 oz. of Bailey’s Irish Cream

Heat cream slowly in a fondue pot on medium heat. Add half the chocolate. Stir until smooth remove from heat add rest of chocolate stir until that is smooth again. Add Bailey’s to the mixture. It should look glossy and smooth. As a fondue, serve at low/simmer with bite-size fresh fruit (don’t forget the bananas), marshmallows, and cubed pound cake.

AGWDM strawberry shootersServe some sexy-themed cocktails for fun and to lower the ladies inhibitions just a bit (but not too much, of course). I found a cache of recipes on this page. They include a couple I’ve never heard of before like Flaming Hoochie Mama and Juicy Screw. You can also hull out strawberries to pour in chocolate covered strawberry shots — vanilla vodka, Godiva liquor and chocolate syrup. And make sure that you make some virgin cocktails for the ladies who don’t drink alcohol like Safe Sex on the Beach or Pussy Foot.

“I like to start things out with passing out our penis pens for each guest and play a fun game like writing down the most nick names they can think of for a penis,” Michele says. “ The top three winners get prizes like penis popsicles or love/sex coupon books they can use later with their partner.  This gets them laughing and breaks the ice. I’ll have several games we will play throughout the evening between showing the products or giving them helpful information to keep the laughs going. Some games are team games that involve friendly competition.”

Some of the other games Michele likes to lead are Sexy Trivia or teaming up partners and seeing how many sex positions they can act out in one minute.

“This game has each team’s cheerleaders the rolling in their seats,” Michele says.

Sometimes she’ll bring out board role playing games like Fantasy Affairs. Depending on the crowd, she’ll even read some erotica and explain how this is a fun way to spice things up with your partner.

“It really depends on the crowd,” Michele says. “I go with the flow. If they are loving the games we will spend more time on that. If they want to share some of their own experiences or want more instructional info, I’ll lean in that direction. We have a lot to work with.”

AGWDM arousal gelWhile showing products, Michele says, “Women really like the scenty, loitiony, potiony stuff, so we usually start with those items. I like to ask for a few volunteers and I’ll give them a dab of arousal cream on their finger, tell them to go to the bathroom and try it out. When they come back out all the other women ask them how they are feeling and they usually giggle about being hot and tingly. Of course they like trying out the vibrators, especially when I plug in the Magic Wand. If they are a more relaxed group, I’ll also bring out the restraints and bondage stuff and show them how they’re used. I talk about how a little bondage play can be a lot fun and playful and not weird or scary. I share my experiences how my husband and I use them to spice up our sex life. They are generally pretty curious and interested.AGWD furry leg cuffs

“I also do a lot of educating, like letting them know what kinds of lube to use in certain situations. You don’t want to spend $100 on a silicone toy and have then having to throw it out because they used silicone lube and it turned to mush. A lot of women don’t know that.

AGWDM glass dildo”I also like talking about glass dildos. A lot of women have not used glass dildos. They are very safe and because they are so hard and smooth they have a whole different, incredible feeling. I also talk about how important it is to clean their sex toys.”

For Michele, hosting sex toy parties isn’t just giving women an opportunity to discover and test drive sex toys and other accouterments. It’s also about setting a fun and safe atmosphere for women to talk about, learn and ask questions about sex and to be more open about expressing and embracing their sexuality.

“Many women have a hard time vocalizing what they want to their partner,” Michele says.” I really enjoy giving them tips on how to be more at ease with expressing themselves and ways to introduce new things that they are interested in to their partner.

“I’m pretty much an open book,” Michele adds. “I’ll do whatever I can to make things fun and comfortable and to get women to open up about their sexuality. This is what it’s all about. Sex can be fun and playful, sexy and passionate, alluring and seductive or erotic and exciting. I don’t think most women realize how much their body has been designed to receive pleasure. If you are not afraid to explore and continually think out of the box, your sex life can continue to be exciting, even if you have been with the same partner for years. My husband and I have been together for 25 years and we are still rocking because we don’t take our sex life for granted. We continually try to surprise each other and try new things. It just takes a little education and some creativity.”

This post is brought to you by Little Shop of O’s. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.