How to Seduce a Woman From Online to the Bedroom

AGWDM man seduce a womanThere are tons of articles about how to seduce a woman from online to the bedroom, especially if you’re using casual encounter online dating websites like CasualEncountersBrisbane ( or CasualEncountersPerth ( Most of them are written by men. Some of their tactics work. Some of them are only tips and theories they think will work because it’s an assignment that was given to them by an editor. They may not be dating or suck at dating, but the article they wrote is a gig that pays and contains all the right keywords to please the client. And words of advice from pickup artists? If you were a woman, would you sleep with one of those guys?

Wouldn’t you rather get the inside scoop from a woman? Someone who can tell you what the casual encounters dating thing is like from the other side of the computer screen?

You have to remember that men outnumber women on casual encounters dating sites anywhere from 3 to 1 to 30 to 1. Whenever I put up a profile, I’d get up to 100 replies in the first day alone. On average, only about 10% of men got my attention. If a guy didn’t grab my attention in the first three to 10 seconds, I deleted the message.

A lot of guys think that the online dating and hookup thing is a numbers game. From what I just shared from my experience, it sounds like it, but it really isn’t. Here are some things to keep in perspective and increasing your success in seducing a woman you want.

Just because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of women wanting a casual encounter on a dating site doesn’t mean they’re all compatible or right for you. Read profiles. Women are usually better at writing and completing dating site profile than men. If a woman is very specific about the type of man or situation she wants, don’t waste your time or hers if you don’t fit her specifications.

Boilerplate introductions suck. So do basic and lazy, “Hi. How R U. Tell me more about urself,” introductions. Both kinds of introductions sound like a guy is cutting and pasting the same message to dozens of other women. I and other women like me are not interchangeable commodities; we’re people and unique individuals. It’s great to tell a woman a bit about yourself, but tell her things about yourself that will interest her. A woman will want to know what’s in it for her to think about hooking up with you. Again, read her profile, and find something in it that will tie in what the two of you have in common aside from the two of you looking for a fuck buddy. Message her the same way as if you were having an in-person conversation.

Don’t be too casual in approaching a potential partner for a casual encounter. Casual encounters sex can be just as fun for women as they are for men, but ultimately, women are looking for quality people. The last kind of person I’d want to hook up with for a casual encounter is a guy who is rude or acts like a douchebag. Just because I or any woman is looking for a no-strings sex partner doesn’t mean that we’re trashy whores and should with little or no respect. Check your double standards and throw them in the trash bin at the door. Treat a woman who’s looking for a casual encounter the same way you’d want others to treat you in any situation.

Don’t expect to hook up immediately. A lot of guys have an expectation that things should click with a woman as fast as their smart phone or Internet connection. She may be assessing if you’re the kind of guy she wants to hook up with or she could be mulling her options. Being a pest, being pushy or getting angry (I once had a guy tell me that I was wasting his time when it took me over 20 minutes to respond to his offer to meet over dinner that evening) will always backfire.

Casual encounters dating is like any other kind of dating. It takes time and effort. Ultimately, it’s you and not the dating site or the women on it that make hooking up successful.

For more information about how to break the ice on casual encounter websites, check out How to Approach Women Online: 7 Conversation Starters (

This article is brought to you by CasualEncountersBrisbane ( or CasualEncountersPerth ( Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.

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  1. LOVE this article! In fact, I’m going to link it (with your permission) on my profile page at an alt adult dating site based in the states. And yes YES! No Nokia 1998 text speak messages. OMG you do that? Even if you have a magnificent body and are a rocket scientist and well-endowed? You go to the trash bin. If you don’t have a boil out your forehead and your penis is tiny but you send me an articulate message tailored just for my profile? I’ll most definitely email you to see what happens next.

    • Bobbie Morgan // April 17, 2015 at 1:02 pm // Reply

      By all means, share away!

      I never did the text speak messages. Guess I didn’t miss out on much!

  2. Please give a specific example of what I should say in my opening message. I’ve sent messages to hundreds of girls on casual dating websites and I’ve never received a reply from any of them. I don’t know what I’m saying wrong (or not saying that I should).

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