How to Undress a Man

I have to admit that I can be completely clumsy when it comes to undressing my lover. As often as I write about how female characters in my erotic stories gracefully and seductively peel clothes off of their lovers, that’s not what I usually do in real life. I often fumble with shirt buttons and belt buckles. Then there’s also the awkwardness of trying to take off his shoes and socks when he has his pants wrapped around his ankles.

To be fair, this usually happens at the brink of anticipation and delayed gratification the moment my lover and I get behind closed doors. But still, if I can perfect the art of the blow job (see How to Give the Best Blow Job Ever), I can improve my disrobing techniques.

I did some research on this topic and I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out that socks and shoes should come off first. Even if his feet are the last of his body parts that you have on your mind, taking care of them first will lead to everything else much more quickly and with less interruption and disruption.

It’s best to think of undressing your man as foreplay. Sure, there’s a time and a place for ripping off clothes as fast as you can, but take your time unbuttoning his shirt. Kiss and lick his skin while slowly work your way down the front of his shirt. Engage in some teasing dirty talk as each button comes undone.

Of course, men love a good strip tease, so why not make his clothing items part of the props in the dance routine? Shrug his sweater along your shoulders. Use his undershirt to barely cover your breasts or pussy while you do a little bump and grind or lap dance routine. Better yet, use his clothing to tease him physically. If he’s wearing a silk tie or shirt, run it slowly on his body barely touching his skin. Ties and belts make great impromptu light bondage gear. Make sure he’s naked and isn’t going anywhere before you take off the rest of your clothes.

Use your teeth if you can. Use them to pull down his zipper. Use them to pull down his boxers or briefs.

Stall at the last article of clothing he’s wearing: his skivvies. Run your finger along his front inner waistline. Tease. Take your time. Make him beg.

If you’re into having foreplay and sex in front of a mirror, undress him in front of a full-length mirror. Wear your fanciest or kinkiest lingerie and have him face the mirror while you undress him. Take his shirt off first and get down on your knees to slide his pants down. After his pants are off, you’ll be at just the right spot to get to the first oral … umm … order of business.

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2 Comments on How to Undress a Man

  1. Ah! What a night that was!

  2. Yes, once the shoes and socks are off, the rest is much easier to play with.

    Now, there’s an in-between ripping things off and slowly undressing. It’s a kind of heavy foreplay combined with teasing.

    Let’s say you’re really hot and bothered after a cab ride and just got in. There’s no way you can do it slowly, but you can rev things up by a fair margin quite quickly. It’s a question of meshing undressing and heavy petting.

    In our scenario, your man is in a suit. After you kick the door shut, slam him against the wall and pull yourself up by his tie to kiss him hungrily.

    As he grabs your head to kiss you just as passionately, undo his tie (all you have to do is slide one end out). Then grab his cock through his pants, and rub him with intent. His response will vary depending on his type, but continue kissing, his passion should be rev’d up a notch.

    Pull off his shirt out of his pants, slide your hands inside his shirt and reach for his bare back. A little clawing might be in order. If he likes that, he’s going to rev up an other notch. Continue kissing, never stop.

    Pull one hand out of his shirt, and undo his belt and his pants, just that, and plunge one hand in to his cock, preferably over his undies. Rub him. He should be getting wet, and rev up an other notch.

    Slide your other down to his butt inside his pants under his undies. It’s time for some serious grabbing.

    Bring your other hand to his butt and grind your pussy against his crotch. That should rev him more.

    Now, a tricky move. You might want to be in the living room for this, unless your entrance can accommodate. You stop him kissing you or doing anything else. Unbutton his jacket, it’s 2 or 3 button, it should be quick. Pull it off his shoulder, but not completely off, then pull on it to trap his arms to his side. Kiss him thoroughly. He should forget about jacket and pull you in for more kissing. That might not be the case, but don’t worry, it’s normal. If he forgets, trip him to the ground, the couch, or the bed. The best way to do that is to let yourself go backward while pulling on him. He’ll want to catch you and himself. If not, order him down.

    Straddle him. Start unbuttoning his shirt. Kiss him while you do it, grind your pussy against his crotch, and as his chest gets uncovered, lick him. Play with his nipple if he likes that.

    If you really want to trap him, once the shirt is unbuttoned, pull it down his shoulders, but not completely off. Both his jacket and shirt should be tying him down. Have your way with him. One hand inside his undies, will get him really hot.

    Now, it’s time to think about shoes and socks. Slide down toward his feet, while looking him in the eyes, kissing and licking his chest and abdomen. Pause at his crotch. Really give it your all. You can even pull out his cock and suck to make him forget about everything. If you do that, the next phase should be done really quickly.

    Unlace his shoes, and remove his socks. If you’re intrepid and already have your panties off, you can do it while straddling him, sort of like a reverse cowgirl. By presenting your pussy to him like that, chances are, he’ll play with it.

    Go back on top of him facing him. Kiss him.

    The rest should be really easy, but think about unbuttoning his shirt’s cuffs sometime soon.

    In each phases, take your time to do as much damage as you can. When you or your man can’t wait anymore, move to the next phase.

    If he’s doing the same to you, you should be in for a very torrid session.

    Now, word to the wise, this has to be done in a situation where both partner are already hot and bothered, and it’s an alternative to ripping your clothes off. By itself, it might not warm up your partner, but it could. If you’re already hot enough, and he’s in the right head space, you might pull it off.

    Have fun!

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