If You Don’t Like Condoms, You’re Probably Wearing the Wrong Kind

AGWDM condoms 400When I was dating and doing the online dating thing, I heard so many men complain about wearing condoms.

“I hate the way they feel.”

“They’re uncomfortable.”

“I can’t feel anything when I’m having sex.”

Even though I don’t have a penis and don’t wear condoms, I fully understand. But if you don’t want kids and/or aren’t in a committed, monogamous relationship, condoms are a must.

Condoms don’t have to suck. More than likely, you haven’t found the right one.

How do You Measure Up?
The most common reason why guys think condoms are uncomfortable is because they’re wearing the wrong size. The first thing to do is to measure your erect penis and be honest with yourself. The proper way to measure your member is to:

1. Position a measuring tape along the length of your erect penis from the pubic bone to the tip to measure the length.

2. Wrap the measuring tape one time around your erect penis about 1 cm from the base to measure the girth.

An average penis is between 4.8 (about the height of a 12-ounce can of beer or soda) and 6 inches (about the height of a 24-ounce jar of spaghetti sauce) long. Average girth is between 4.5 and 5 inches. In most cases, a standard or medium size condom will suit you fine. If your measurements come up on the smaller range, look for condoms labeled “snugger fit”. If you’re at the higher end or above those size ranges, look for large or magnum-sized condoms.

Find the Proper Fit
Condoms are kind of like clothes. Some run true to size and some run small, short, tight, long or baggy. The good news is that you don’t have to nor should you have to buy a bunch of boxes of condoms to find one that fits and feels well. Check out one of several online condom retailers and check out their sampler packs. You will probably be surprised how many different kinds of condoms are out there.

Find Your Style
There’s more that matters to finding the right condom than just size. Again, like clothes, condoms come in lots of styles, and what you’ll find at your local drug store or supermarket pales in comparison to what you’ll find on a website that specializes in condoms.

If you don’t like the feeling like there’s a barrier between your penis and your partner, check out microthin or Japanese style condoms. Lambskin or non-latex condoms aren’t just for people with latex allergies. They’re another option for men and their partners who want more of a “real feel” experience.

Textured condoms that are studded, ridged or have bumps or dots can stimulate a lot of pleasure for you as well as your partner. Some guys prefer a condom that’s flared at the tip more so than a traditional condom that usually only has a reservoir tip. Contoured or custom fit condoms are cut more accurately to a penis’ actual anatomical shape than standard straight tube style condoms.

If you don’t want to make a commitment to buying an entire box of a different style of condom you’re not sure you’re going to like, pick up some sampler packs.Trying them out with your partner could put some extra whoopee in your whoopee time.

Lube it Up
Adding a few drops of lube in a condom makes all the difference in the world in putting a condom quickly and comfortably on your erect penis – even if it’s a lubricated condom. Most lubricated condoms are under lubricated. Any quality silicone or water-based lube will do, but do not use oil-based lubes with latex condoms. They may break down latex and take the “safer” out of safer sex.

With all of those tips and knowing there are more condom choices than you ever imagined, it’s easy – if not fun — to turn condom hate into condom love.

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About Bobbie Morgan (1247 Articles)
Bobbie Morgan is the beditor-in-chief of A Good Woman's Dirty Mind. When she's not blogging or having the best sex ever, she's putting out writing and social media services for adult businesses. Use the contact link to reach her by email.

4 Comments on If You Don’t Like Condoms, You’re Probably Wearing the Wrong Kind

  1. Yeah, right. Obviously written by a woman who has never worn a condom during sex. While size could certainly be a factor making condoms more uncomfortable, size is not the only or main factor as the post implies. Regardless of size, material, nubs, lubrication, etc., the fact is placing some sort of material around your penis very much dulls the sensation. These factors can be improved, but they definitely don’t make the issue disappear and result in “condom love” as you state.

    This post also disturbs me in the same way many women would react to an article written by a man “if you don’t like high heels you’re probably wearing the wrong kind.” I’m sure wearing the right size and finding a more comfortable material would make them more tolerable, bu could I honestly say doing so would lead to “high heel love”? Especially when I’m a man and haven’t ever experienced what it’s like to wear them?

    • Bobbie Morgan // May 6, 2015 at 4:39 pm // Reply

      Jim, I hear you. I also heard my boyfriend and others before him complain about them, too. I intentionally didn’t want to make any specific product recommendations, but give microthin condoms a try. If you want one that the two of us highly recommend, try the Crown Skinless Skin Condoms. They really do feel like there’s nothing there, both for him and me. In fact, the first time we used one, he though it had slipped off because he couldn’t feel that it was still on his shaft. We even tried looking for it in inside of me. If there was a fly on the wall, it would have been laughing its ass off at us while we were panicking over a “lost” condom.

      If you’re willing to give them a try, please get back to me and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      Also, if you are going to dismiss a woman who does a LOT of work in the adult novelty industry for writing about condoms, then I suggest you publish your own sex blog. We really need more male sex bloggers and journalists. I realize that I’m at a disadvantage writing about condoms as a woman, but someone has to write about safer sex issues.

      • Thanks for the recommendation, but I’ve already tried Crown Skinless Skin Condoms. In fact that’s what I use on a regular basis. I would agree that they are very well made and do help with the lack of sensation, but my experience is not that of your boyfriend. I definitely know when it’s on and when it’s not, and although it allows more sensitivity than many condom brands, it is not at all equivalent to having nothing. For many of us men who actually wear them it still cuts down on sensation. And we don’t “love” them.

        I’m sure we could find some women that are comfortable in a particular brand/fit of high heels; does that mean the reason most women are not comfortable in them is because they don’t have the right fit, and that they’ll have “high heel love” when they find that fit? I think not. Probably not a good idea for me as a man to write a blog extolling the virtues of women wearing high heels (which I have no experience of) based on the experience of one woman that I know … It’s always dangerous to draw very broad sweeping conclusions based on anecdotal experiences.

        I understand the desire to promote safer sex, but let’s keep it real please.

  2. Speaking as the boyfriend in question, I can attest that Bobbie and I consult often about the products she writes about–including condoms. Although we no longer use condoms (we’re exclusive, and I got snipped), we did experiment with and discuss in detail a very large selection of condoms. While it’s true that there’s no such thing as a condom that is precisely as sensitive as bare skin, some do come quite close. I think many men are focused on the “inconvenience” of wearing a condom, rather than on their partner. This may come as a great surprise to some reading this, but the sexual experience involves more than the friction between two organs. Even when Bobbie and I were still using condoms, our sex life was quite amazing. The only difference now is the convenience of not having to incorporate that one element into our lovemaking. Previously, we made putting the condom on me a part of foreplay. I recommend it.

    As for a woman’s not being able to write authoritatively on condom experience, I think that’s hogwash. Because we spend a lot of time talking with each other (in AND out of bed), we each have a VERY good idea of what the other is thinking and feeling.

    With regard to your analogy of a man’s not being able to talk about high heels (rather a silly comparison, if I’m being honest), I think it is quite possible for a man to get that experience–and I do know many women who enjoy high heels and find them comfortable.

    The recommendation I might give you, Jim, assuming condoms are a necessary part of your sexual experience, is, rather than thinking about any lack of sensation and/or convenience, you arrive at the many other ways to enhance experience of sex. All those lovely sensations do originate in the brain, after all.

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