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If You Don’t Like Condoms, You’re Probably Wearing the Wrong Kind

AGWDM condoms 400When I was dating and doing the online dating thing, I heard so many men complain about wearing condoms.

“I hate the way they feel.”

“They’re uncomfortable.”

“I can’t feel anything when I’m having sex.”

Even though I don’t have a penis and don’t wear condoms, I fully understand. But if you don’t want kids and/or aren’t in a committed, monogamous relationship, condoms are a must.

Condoms don’t have to suck. More than likely, you haven’t found the right one.

How do You Measure Up?
The most common reason why guys think condoms are uncomfortable is because they’re wearing the wrong size. The first thing to do is to measure your erect penis and be honest with yourself. The proper way to measure your member is to:

1. Position a measuring tape along the length of your erect penis from the pubic bone to the tip to measure the length.

2. Wrap the measuring tape one time around your erect penis about 1 cm from the base to measure the girth.

An average penis is between 4.8 (about the height of a 12-ounce can of beer or soda) and 6 inches (about the height of a 24-ounce jar of spaghetti sauce) long. Average girth is between 4.5 and 5 inches. In most cases, a standard or medium size condom will suit you fine. If your measurements come up on the smaller range, look for condoms labeled “snugger fit”. If you’re at the higher end or above those size ranges, look for large or magnum-sized condoms.

Find the Proper Fit
Condoms are kind of like clothes. Some run true to size and some run small, short, tight, long or baggy. The good news is that you don’t have to nor should you have to buy a bunch of boxes of condoms to find one that fits and feels well. Check out one of several online condom retailers and check out their sampler packs. You will probably be surprised how many different kinds of condoms are out there.

Find Your Style
There’s more that matters to finding the right condom than just size. Again, like clothes, condoms come in lots of styles, and what you’ll find at your local drug store or supermarket pales in comparison to what you’ll find on a website that specializes in condoms.

If you don’t like the feeling like there’s a barrier between your penis and your partner, check out microthin or Japanese style condoms. Lambskin or non-latex condoms aren’t just for people with latex allergies. They’re another option for men and their partners who want more of a “real feel” experience.

Textured condoms that are studded, ridged or have bumps or dots can stimulate a lot of pleasure for you as well as your partner. Some guys prefer a condom that’s flared at the tip more so than a traditional condom that usually only has a reservoir tip. Contoured or custom fit condoms are cut more accurately to a penis’ actual anatomical shape than standard straight tube style condoms.

If you don’t want to make a commitment to buying an entire box of a different style of condom you’re not sure you’re going to like, pick up some sampler packs.Trying them out with your partner could put some extra whoopee in your whoopee time.

Lube it Up
Adding a few drops of lube in a condom makes all the difference in the world in putting a condom quickly and comfortably on your erect penis – even if it’s a lubricated condom. Most lubricated condoms are under lubricated. Any quality silicone or water-based lube will do, but do not use oil-based lubes with latex condoms. They may break down latex and take the “safer” out of safer sex.

With all of those tips and knowing there are more condom choices than you ever imagined, it’s easy – if not fun — to turn condom hate into condom love.