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I’m So Tied to Sportsheets’ Under the Bed Restraint System

AGWDM sportsheets under the bed restraint systemAre you intrigued with the idea of having your lover bind you (or the other way around) in rope or chains and shackles or handcuffs?

Hold onto that thought for at least a couple of months.

I won’t argue that the allure of rope, metal and leather aren’t huge sensory turn-ons, but if you’re going to trust yourself and your partner to bondage play, start by playing safe … really safe. Let’s put it this way: if you’re fascinated with airplanes, you wouldn’t walk into a cockpit, take a seat, fasten your seatbelt, and say, “Ready for takeoff.” Right?

That’s why I really love Sportsheets’ Under the Bed Restraint System.

Before Sportsheets asked me to review this product, I’ve already had it for a couple of years. Parrot surprised me with it already set up and with the straps and cuffs hidden underneath my bed. I know, lucky me … and lucky him. We’ve had big fun with this.

The setup is really simple. The polymer web straps go under the mattress and can be adjusted for any size bed and height and position of your partner. The wrist and ankle straps can be adjusted to situate your partner as firmly or loosely as you want. You can also set this up on a sofa, armchair or chaise lounge. We haven’t used it that way, but it’s on my list of things to try.

AGWDM sportsheets restraint setup

AGWDM sportsheets setup 2

The straps and the plastic strap adjusters really do hold up to some heavy-duty resistance. They’re no different than the kind of straps and adjusters you’d see on a life preserver. I know, it doesn’t sound kinky or edgy, but safety is the No. 1 thing to keep in mind with restraint play.

I love the cuffs. Again, Velcro and Velboa fabric don’t exactly give off the vibe idea of excitement and danger like metal and leather. However, this combination makes sure that your partner isn’t going anywhere but you can take them off in a hurry in case of an emergency or if one of you loses self-control. Pulling off a strip of Velcro is a hell of a lot quicker than unlocking something with a key, undoing a clasp or buckle, untying knots, or cutting away at something with a safety knife.

AGWDM sportsheets cuff 1

The Velboa fabric makes sure that it will grip with the Velcro for the long haul. It was developed for that purpose. Plus, it’s plushy-soft against the skin, even when it’s doing a heavy-duty job of holding up to resistance in adult resistance play. The cuffs don’t hurt, cut into, or leave any marks on the skin the way metal cuffs can.

Here’s another perk: The cuffs can be detached from the straps and hooked together or to a strap or rope with “O” rings for handcuff play.

AGWDM sportsheets cuffs 2

We’ve never had a problem with the metal connectors or hook clasps. They hold up really well.

The Under the Bed Restraint System has so many pluses for those who do a lot of traveling or weekend getaways. All the straps and cuffs fit into a gallon-size Ziploc bag with room to spare for a sex toy or two. It’s flown across the country in my carry-on luggage several times and I’ve never been questioned or detained by TSA. Plus, it weighs next to nothing.

If you’re still moaning that I don’t recommend that restraint and bondage newbies and occasional players play with the big boy toys, when all is said and done, you WILL drive your partner over the edge with this set.

AGWDM products I endorseThere’s reason why you’ll find Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System in almost every sex toy shop and online retailer – it’s that good, and for all the reasons I mentioned. If there was any such thing as a perfect product review, this would be it. That’s why I’m giving it my Products I Endorse seal of appoval.

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System is available at By clicking this link, you can purchase it and I receive a portion of the sale.