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In the Pink – A Review of the Pink Lubricant Product Line

AGWDM pink lube boxI’m a little late getting my $0.02 in on a box of Pink lubricants that I received from Empowered Products as a generous “thank you” after I wrote a story about the history of Gun Oil lubes.

I had this bright idea about doing a joint review with Parrot on both of the product lines. It turned out not to be the best way to spend 77 hours together, especially in evaluating the Gun Oil product line. The product lines are pretty extensive and we got a bit distracted by enjoying each other instead of evaluating the individual lubes we got around to using. However, I can say that he has already been a big fan of the original Gun Oil lube.

AGWDM pink water

Pink Water

I’ve been a big fan of Pink Water before I got my goodie box, too. It was recommended to me by the manager at my favorite local sex toy shop after I told him that I usually used KY Liquid or System JO H20. He told me: “You MUST try this. You’ll be surprised how this works.”

Curious about his insistence on “must” and “surprised”, Pink Water feels amazingly like my own lubrication and lasts even longer. For masturbation, it makes me feel as “naturally” wet as if I was physically responding to digital or penetrative sex with a technically skilled lover. The product information on Pink’s website says that Pink Water contains ginseng and guarana to heighten sensation and increase blood flow, but I swear they have more of a psychological fantasy effect.

Pink Water also lasts for an amazingly long time, especially during penetrative sex, more so than any other water-based lube I’ve used. It also soaks into the skin like a moisturizer thanks to aloe vera and oat, which is also great for repairing skin and minimizing skin irritation. I can’t say if those things are true with this particular product since I never experienced either in any of the many times I’ve used it. Because of its moisturizing aftereffects, I make sure that I give my sex toys an extra good rub-down when I clean them.

AGWDM pink frolic


Can Pink Water be topped as a water-based lube? Surprisingly, yes! Pink’s Frolic has an exceptionally lush gel-like consistency. If you put lube on your sex toys instead of lubricating yourself, Frolic coats your toy and stays on for a good, long time. It’s exceptionally more cushy than slippery during intercourse, which is great if you get that feeling like your male partner could easily slip out when he’s really going at it. I also recommend Frolic for penetrative anal sex and anal sex toys.


AGWDM pink lubricant


The original Pink lubricant is best for vaginal penetrative sex. It’s a silicone-based lubricant that goes on very thin. But don’t let that make you think that “very thin” makes Pink lack in overall performance. It provides a heavenly glide that isn’t over-the-top slippery and still protects skin from friction irritation.

By all means, don’t be in a big hurry to wash up afterward. Enjoy your post-coital bliss, and even ladies may need to indulge in a little nap after they’re satisfied. Give Pink’s aloe vera and Vitamin E a chance to soak into skin and tissue for their restorative benefits.

AGWDM pink unity

Pink Unity

Pink Unity is good but not as good as the original Pink lubricant for penetrative sex. It has a tactile effect I’ve never experienced with any other lube. It goes on the skin like liquid silk and feels like you’re being stroked with a feather with skin-to-skin contact.

However, as a silicone hybrid lube, I was a bit disappointed with Pink Unity. It doesn’t have much glide and it absorbs into the skin very quickly. On the upside, when it absorbs into the skin, this lube leaves it feeling pleasingly tender. And when I say that Pink Unity absorbs into the skin, I mean all of it. There’s no need to give your skin a good soap and water scrubbing as soon you’re done.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons with this caveat: it’s definitely worth reapplying when you’re using it. Pink Unity is a lot of fun when you and your partner are getting things rolling and if you (or your partner) don’t have a problem lubricating on your own once you’re stimulated.

AGWDM hot pink

Hot Pink

I really like Hot Pink best for hand jobs. I’ve always hated shocking a penis with cold (room temperature feels cold when it’s applied to 98.6-degree skin) lube. Unlike silicone lube or oil, most water-based lubes soak into my palms before I get a chance to adequately warm them. Hot Pink has deep, penetrative warming qualities when it goes on the skin, more so than most other warming lubes I’ve tried. It’s what I used on him when we shot our Waking Parrot Make Love Not Porn video, and he liked it. My biggest complaint about Hot Pink is that goes on watery and doesn’t last as long as most luxury water-based lubes.

AGWDM pink indulgence

Pink Indulgence and How You Can Sample Pink and Gun Oil Lubricants

I wished I could have reviewed Pink Indulgence cream. I only received two sample packets in my “thank you” box from Empowered Products, and there wasn’t enough of it in both sample packets combined to try them out. A packing error, I’m sure. It wasn’t an issue with some of the other products that I didn’t get in full-size bottles. You can learn about Pink Indulgence here.

UPDATE 8/18/14: The fine folks at Empowered Products sent me a bottle of Pink Indulgence and I love it! This hybrid comes out as a light cream so there’s no mess or drip, but has the same natural lubrication feel and consistency as Pink Water only a slightly bit thicker and more lotion-y. Even though it contains alcohol, it soaked into my like a moisturizer and left it feeling rejuvenated. My only concern is that it contains parabens, which have been linked to reproductive health functions and may be a contributing factor in breast cancer.

Speaking of sample packets, Empowered Product’s Happy Packs are a great way to try out everything in the Pink and Gun Oil lines. You can get yours here.

I’m a big believer that everyone needs more than one kind of lube for the different ways they enjoy sex. But if I have to pick just one all-purpose lube (which I have to in packing for our upcoming vacation), it’s Pink’s Frolic. It’s already packed and shipped off to Parrot in a big box that’s filled with goodies I’ll (and we’ll) be writing about in the weeks to come.