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Is Body Heat a Real Thing?

AGWDM body heatThe human body goes through some rather magnificent physiological responses during sexual arousal. Nipples get hard. Blood flows to the genitals and causes swelling, engorgement and erections. The vagina lubricates and expands. Even pupils dilate.

But I can’t find anything anywhere that says that body heat increases.

I swear it happens.

I notice this in myself. I feel cold most of the time, especially my hands and feet, unless it gets above 80 degrees in the summer. But even at the very first moments of sexual contact, even before my clothes come off, I feel warm. Not hot and sweaty warm, but comfortably warm. Like wrapped in a light blanket and sitting a couple of feet away from a radiator warm.

I notice this as I undress Parrot and feel the warmth of his skin. I’m drawn to the warmth of his body and want to touch it all over. There are times we hold each other close for a long time because our warmth feels so good and comforting.

A lot of our foreplay usually involves a lot of touching and caressing all over bodies – face, shoulders, arms, backs, torsos, buttocks and legs. It’s always been rather Tantric even before I started learning about the practices and concepts of Tantric sex. Part of our ritual has been just about the way we sexually connect and crave each other’s bodies. But for me, it’s all about trying to capture his presence and the warmth of his body. I can’t get enough of it.

Even when I’m not in full, direct skin-to-skin contact with him, my body feels warm when I go down on him or he goes down on me. Even when the air conditioning is blasting. Even when there’s a deep winter chill that the furnace can’t warm.

When we’re joined, whether he’s lodged into me with a solid, firm erection in slow motion strokes or plowing into me with great force and urgency, there’s always this comfortable warmth that radiates from both of us.

This body heat warmth stays between us as we fall from climax and into afterglow. We clasp our arms, legs and bodies around each other in an embrace we can never get enough of. I can never get enough of the way his every limb and muscle feels. It’s not just about the touch of his skin, which I crave, it’s also about his warmth. It’s magnetic.

We’ll lay quietly or even fall into a semi-sleep uncovered and on top of the fitted sheet. Sometimes we’ll just quietly chat. But after some time – 10 or 15 minutes, I don’t know, I don’t keep track of time or pay attention to the clock – one of us will say, “Pull up the covers. I’m getting chilly.” If I don’t say it first, I’ll think that same thing at the exact same time.

By that time, we’re both recovered from the buzz of sexual arousal and enjoying each other more as content naked companions under the blankets than eager lovers.

I’m not about to go out and get matching thermometers to track our vitals like lab rats while we get it on. I’m much too wrapped up in those moments and enjoying them with Parrot. But I’m very curious to know if there are any scientific findings to back up what I’m pretty sure I know about having a hot time.

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