June is Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth)

Hooray! It’s June!

I get especially frisky and I’m always looking for ways to amp up my sexual repertoire and enjoy sex more than usual this time of year.

I also get frustrated when I read a lot of misinformation and lack of information about particular sex topics.

That’s why I’m taking part in an online campaign to promote Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth).

Even as a sex blogger and erotica writer I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about sex. I’m always learning. I’m also often asked about even the most basic questions about sex from readers. After all, it’s something we all do but have never had any formal training.

This month, I’ll write and share stories by others on the how-tos and must-knows of sex … from basic information to taboo topics.

Other writers, bloggers, podcasters, sex professionals and sexual health professionals participating in #AdultSexEdMonth include:

Authentic Sexual You, Authentic Sexual You – YouTube & Kinkopedia Sexuality empowerment coach Heather Elizabeth
Be a Sex Educator Articles & resources for sex educators
Billierosie Erotica & fetish blogger Billierosie
Buzz on Vibes, Adult product reviews
Catherine Coaches Human sexuality specialist Catherine Toyooka
Center for Positive Sexuality Provides comprehensive, sex-positive education and information about marginalized sexual orientations and identities through presentations, materials, and information about current research and resources
Charlie Glickman, PhD Sexuality educator, author, speaker & trainer
Condom Depot TV, Condom & sex blog
Confessions From the Porn Store, Blog of the owners of a sex store in the Bible Belt
Dear T.O. Boys Dating blogger Niya B
Divorce Darling Sex blogger Laura Brown
Dr. Nikki Goldstein Sexologist & relationship expert
The Dr. Susan Block Institute for Erotic Arts and Sciences Dr. Susan Block, sexologist, author, filmmaker, radio & TV talk show host, columnist, lecturer & commentator
Drs. Chuck & Jo-Ann Bird Relationship counselors & board certified clinical sexologists
Fearless Press Online magazine focused on articles about sex in the arts, community, living, relationships, spirituality & style
Fuckblogging Sex bloggers Venice & Ryan
Good For Her Sex toy shop, sex workshops & private sex toy parties
Jet Setting Jasmine Internet radio sex talk show host & sex party planner Jet Setting Jasmine
Joan Price & Naked at Our Age – Joan Price – Sex & Aging Views & News  Advocate of ageless sexuality & fitness
Kink Academy More than 1118 videos from over 100 sex educators
Kinkly Online sex magazine
The Mama Sutra Sex Educator, sex blogger & board certified sexologist Lanae St.John
Matthew Vett’s Development Blog Erotica writer Mathhew Vett
Maxime Durocher Professional male companion
Met Another Frog, Online dating magazine
Miss Alice Gray Sex blogger Miss Alice Gray
Molly’s Daily Kiss Kink blogger Molly
Mrs. Sexpert, Sex blogger
My Intimate Pleasure Shop Nigerian online sex toy shop
Nom de Plume Press Erotica book bloggers & reviewers Lila & Neva
Ohh My Adult entertainment & education company
Passionate U Videos from a wide range of sexperts
The Redhead Bedhead Sex blogger
Sex Ed With Ashley Sexuality educator Ashley Manta
Sex in Words Sex journalist Jon Pressick
Sexual Alchemy Spiritual sexuality expert Rebecca Lowrie
Sara Vibes Sex blogger & International Ms. Leather 2011
Shannon Katz, M.Ed Board certified sexologist
Sunny Megatron Sex blogger & adult sexuality educator
Symone Kitty Nelson Sex writer Symone Kitty Nelson
Tattooed Book Review Erotica book reviewer G.L. Pemberton
Walker Thonrnton, Blogger on women’s issues
Wholesome Addiction A porncast (podcast) show about sex and the adult entertainment industry
William Quincy Belle, Culture blogger

If you’re a sex blogger, writer or podcaster and would like to be part of #AdultSexEdMonth, email me at msquote2@hotmail.com.

If you’re a reader, find and share adult sex ed articles on Twitter, hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth. A list of stories are updated daily on the Adult Sex Ed Month Stories by Date and Adult Sex Ed Month Stories by Topic pages on the top menu of this site.

In the meantime, happy reading and have a happy #AdultSexEdMonth.

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About Bobbie Morgan (1247 Articles)
Bobbie Morgan is the beditor-in-chief of A Good Woman's Dirty Mind. When she's not blogging or having the best sex ever, she's putting out writing and social media services for adult businesses. Use the contact link to reach her by email.

4 Comments on June is Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth)

  1. JACQUELINE FERGUSON // June 1, 2013 at 8:47 pm // Reply

    thank you so very much for all this useful information. Looking forward to Adult sex month. Love ya!

  2. Thank you for adding us to your Blog List! Can’t wait to see what this month brings for everyone! :)

  3. I’ve joined in as well, would love to be added to the list! http://walkerthornton.com I write about sexuality and sexual health for women over the age of 50.

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