Looking Good in Lingerie Over 50

A few weeks ago I put a call out to lingerie PR people asking for suggestions and tips for sizzling, sexy and romantic lingerie styles for women over 50. Of the 10 responses I got (minus one suggestion I pulled out for a review because it’s technically not lingerie but it’s that cool), this was the best one:

AGWDM not sexy granny gown

Seriously, lingerie manufacturers! A sack of a chemise that hides the female form from the rib cage to just below the knees in a moisture-wicking fabric? The problem isn’t menopausal hot flashes. And even if some 50-ish women are having hot flashes, it doesn’t mean they’re otherwise frigid.

But at the same time, sexy, sensual women over 50 don’t want to dress like 19-year-old pole dancers. (Okay, maybe just a little.)

So I decided to raid Little Shop of O’s lingerie closet to find some styles I really like for grown up women and explain why I like them.


AGWDM over 50 lingerie plum corsetI love corsets for a ton of reasons. The cut and boning give any woman an hourglass figure even if she doesn’t have one and the laces in the back provide a custom fit. This plum corset in particular is made with a plush microfiber that forms to the body and not against it. The gold floral design underneath the breasts also give the illusion of an hourglass shape. Black may be the go-to color for panties and garters, but the gold is so distinctive. This set is proof that a woman of any size can be lady on the streets and a hussy between the sheets.

AGWDM over 50 faux leather corset dressAnd who says you have to stop wearing leather or leather looks after a certain age? Try this faux leather corset dress or this rhinestone studded faux leather corset top. Stretch PVC does wonders for accentuating the positive and comfortably holds things in place. Dare to wear this corset out on the town. Throw on a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of spiky knee-high black leather boots, and you are more than good (or bad) to go. When you look this fierce, no one is going to argue with you about your sense of style. They’ll only be jealous that you have the confidence to wear this.

AGWDM over 50 faux leather corset w rhinestonesTip: If you have full hips, avoid corsets that flare out from the waist and land at the fullest part of the hips. Look for corsets that are cut just below the waistline. Show off those curves and be damn proud of them!

AGWDM pink chemiseBustiers

Bustiers are close (kissing?) cousins to corsets but aren’t as restrictive to wear if boning is uncomfortable. Like corsets, bustiers are cut and sewn to fake out an hourglass shape. They also tend to have padding, underwire support and adjustable straps to give the girls a lift like this pink paisley lace set.


AGWDM over 50 lingerie purple chemiseChemises don’t have to be the most modest of lingerie styles. This purple satiny chemise has so much going for it. The black lace trim doesn’t just add some tasteful spice, but the trim underneath the bustline keeps the fabric flowing over a woman’s shape instead of ballooning out or shrouding the body like a tent. Plus, it keeps the breasts nicely proportioned. So does the V-neckline. This plus-size chemise also comes in hot pink.

AGWDM over 50 pink and blace chemiseIf you’re looking for a chemise (or corset or bustier) with an extra slimming effect, look for one that has a black or dark contrasting color insert on the sides like this light pink and black chemise. It’s a great fool the eye trick.


AGWDM over 50 babydollDare to go just a wee bit shorter with a babydoll. I love this dark blue satin and black lace babydoll because it’s oh-so classy and the color and fabric contrast and proportion balance creates a long, lean form. And how much more beautifully can you package and present a set of breasts than in that beautiful black lace?

Boy Shorts
AGWDM over 50 lingerie purple lace boy short pantiesThere’s nothing boy-ish at all about boy shorts. They fit and flatter almost any figure while providing coverage but not too much coverage. Plus covering up ample tummies, hips and butts don’t hide anything. If anything, full coverage panties make them look bigger. I love these panties for the purple lace fabric and the crisscross lace-up trim. And they’re crotchless and also come in blue, pink, white, black and red in women’s and plus sizes.

Things to Look for and Avoid

All-over lace, sheer, fishnet and fence net fabrics. Generally speaking, garments like these don’t flatter anyone of any age. Not even the models that wear them.

Plunging V-Necks. Unless you have a pair of silicone boobs that were surgically implanted to defy gravity, there’s nothing sexy about breasts that fall out of an otherwise beautiful package. V-necklines that hit below the bottom of the rib cage look like a partially wrapped present. The anticipation and mystery are gone.

Get sized. Your body has shifted and changed over the years. Knowing your proper bra size and recommended style will make all the difference in the world in how you look and carry yourself covered or uncovered.

Attitude. Nothing is sexier than wearing a sexy attitude.

LSOS-banner-ad-240x400-9Couple (1)This post is brought to you by Little Shop of O’s. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.

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8 Comments on Looking Good in Lingerie Over 50

  1. I love this! You scared me when you said “this was the best one” and displayed a hideous chemise — but, thank goodness, you were just shocking us before showing some genuinely attractive styles. The styles you chose were great. I just wish they were being worn by models in our age group.

    • Bobbie Morgan // October 6, 2014 at 12:51 pm // Reply

      Joan, I wish the same thing, too. Are you familiar with Jacky Shaughnessey (sp?). She’s 62 and did some lingerie photos for American Apparel early this year. I think she rocks, but of course there was a bit of intended shock value and some were very judgmental and critical of her.

  2. Bobbie, I loved the apparel you chose, but what does a woman over 50 wear to look sexy when you have a bit more chubbiness than the average woman? I have the desire and attitude to please my man, but I do have a complex about my weight and how I look. Can you please help?

    • Bobbie Morgan // October 13, 2014 at 12:28 pm // Reply

      Jeni, a lot of the styles I chose would look great on larger-than-Size-0 and plus-size women. Corset or anything that nips in at the waist are great. So are chemises. The best trick is to always accentuate your positive features. It’s the best way to distract the way you feel about parts of your figure that bother you. Chances are that they bother you more than your partner.

  3. Your taste in Lingerie is, as usual, VERY SEXY and EROTIC! Any 50+ Woman in these Heart-Stoppers will have the Undivided Attention of any Person(s) they want! Great Article and Pictures! Thank You Very Much!

  4. My concern and I preach this is….ladies, quit dissecting your bodies. Wear what you will that pleases YOU…and happy woman will have a happy man…BUT PLEASE quit dissecting your bodies…parts are not what it’s all about, we men concentrate on PLACES, not parts, places that are part of you as our partner….dress to emphasize them, or conceal them if your must, but NEVER NEVER NEVER consider “PARTS.” Places to touch and please are not parts. Parts are to be assembled…places are needing to be touched…………just one old man’s words…just sayin’

  5. Great Article! I would add about getting yourself sized is a necessity. Then realize that they do not run true to size. Look at the size chart. I bought a red leather corset and skirt I wear a 14 well that is a Large/xl normally I had to get a 2x to get it to fit, and I would have saved alot in shipping

    • Bobbie Morgan // November 15, 2014 at 9:37 am // Reply

      Whenever I buy clothes of any kind online, I always check the reviews/comments. There’s usually a trend in how things fit and or are sized … i.e. runs big/small, small in the waist, generous in the bust, etc.

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