Adult Sex Ed

Major Love for the Labia Majora

It’s been a while since I’ve written an adult sex ed article. Actually, I finally got a swift enough kick in the butt from Parrot to start writing an adult sex ed ebook. Not because he told me to, but because I think it’s a damn good idea, too. Sex is like school. If you don’t do well in school, you won’t do well in life or your career. The more you know about sex, the better you’l be at it and the more you’ll enjoy it.

As I was going through on some previous topics I thought needed a revisit or revise for my book and for my blog, I noticed that I’ve never written about the labia majora. It’s part of the female genitalia that is often overlooked and underrated when it comes to foreplay and masturbation. And I’m sure there are lots of people out there who don’t know much about it.

The labia majora is the proper term for the outer flaps of skin and tissue that cover the female genitalia. Their appearance differs from woman to woman. They can appear slim, thin, pillow-y, lippy, loose or meaty. They’re very rarely symmetrical.

What is normal? There is no normal. Take a look at the photos of The Great Wall of Vagina exhibit. Of the 400 plaster casts of women’s vulvas, you’ll see that they each differ dramatically.

The labia majora can be uniform in skin tone as the rest of the skin on the body or pinkish or dark brown or bluish. These variations are all normal and darker colors can appear after childbirth.

The anatomical role of the labia majora is to protect the vagina. The labia majora contains thousands of nerve endings under the skin that become more sensitive during sexual arousal. Tiny blood vessels under the surface of the skin also make the tissue swell during sexual arousal. In some women, the swelling may cause the slit to open slightly.

Pubic hair, or the absence of it, affects the sensitivity of the labia majora during sex. The skin on cleanly shaven or waxed labia majora is very delicate, soft and very sensitive to touch. However, public hair also serves a protective purpose. While it may decrease sexual sensitivity, pubic hair serves as a protectant from friction from a man’s pubic hair from all the thrusting and rubbing that goes on during intercourse. Do note that shaving and waxing can present risks of ingrown hairs and skin infections that can get wildly out of control in such a warm, moist and covered place. Shaving, waxing and trimming should always be a woman’s personal choice and preference.

Sex Tip: Start your masturbation and foreplay with some major labia majora love. Cup it with a warm hand or run your fingers very slowly up and down the length of the lips. Use a warming lube or super slippery silicone lube to tantalize those tingly nerve endings. The longer you or your partner tease those fleshy bits of skin and tissue, the more intense the orgasms.

Also, stroke the lips with the head of a small vibrator at a low speed or a vibrator with a soft vibration. This can have a very calming effect. Masturbation doesn’t always have to lead to an animalistic orgasmic experience. This technique can be a great way to clear your mind from stress or even help you fall asleep or have a better night’s sleep … or it can be a extended prelude to bigger and bolder things to come.