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Man Talk Isn’t Very Manly

AGWDM man talk isn't very manlyI love when I come across articles like this that are written by men — Are two people having sex, or is one person f*****g the other?

What sex educator Trevor Jones is getting at is how a lot of men talk about sex amongst each other. It’s the way these men refer to women as broads, bitches and hos. They refer to sex as banging, screwing, getting a piece of ass; as something they do to a woman and not with a woman.

I don’t excuse this excuse this kind of talk among teenagers and young adults. As I told my sons when they were teenagers, “If you talk about women and sex that way, you’re too immature to have sex.” But when that kind of talk comes from grown-ass men, that’s a different thing entirely.

Trevor calls this kind of talk Man Talk. It’s how men prove their masculinity and virility to themselves and among other men.

I fail to see how talk like that makes a man a man, let alone a decent partner or lover.

However, not all men are like this. I’m often touched and astounded how many men follow my blog. When I hear from them, my heart melts when I hear how they love and respect the women in their lives and women in general. They’re also the hallmarks of the several male friends I have in my life.

The one thing Trevor didn’t mention in his article is what the Man Talk men say about men say about men who do treat women lovingly and respectfully. It comes down to one word: pussy.

The Man Talk men talk about these kinds of men as if they’re weak, let women push them around, and don’t act or think on their own.

However, I see these kinds of men as being a pleasure to have as friends and clients. People are often astounded when I tell them that men who work in adult businesses treat women kind and respectfully. I also see these men as being more confident in their masculinity.

And guess what, Man Talk guys. These men are probably having better and a lot more sex than you. Now who’s calling who a pussy?

There are times when giving or getting a good, hard pounding is great and exhilarating, but for the most part, great sex is what happens between two people, not what one person does to another. If pleasing a woman and attending to her sexual needs is a burden, chore or obligation, you might as well just sit back with a tube of lube and jack off. No woman deserves to be treated like a dick receptacle, and that’s what Man Talk guys are all about.

If Man Talk guys dropped this kind of talk and behavior, they’d find themselves in better and longer lasting relationships and marriages. They wouldn’t have as many relationship problems that get women pissed off and miserable. I’m not saying that all women aren’t bitches, but in a lot of cases, the way Man Talk men talk about and treat women is a factor.

If you think about it, isn’t the way Man Talk guys talk about and treat women the male equivalent of being a bitch?