Man Talk Isn’t Very Manly

AGWDM man talk isn't very manlyI love when I come across articles like this that are written by men — Are two people having sex, or is one person f*****g the other?

What sex educator Trevor Jones is getting at is how a lot of men talk about sex amongst each other. It’s the way these men refer to women as broads, bitches and hos. They refer to sex as banging, screwing, getting a piece of ass; as something they do to a woman and not with a woman.

I don’t excuse this excuse this kind of talk among teenagers and young adults. As I told my sons when they were teenagers, “If you talk about women and sex that way, you’re too immature to have sex.” But when that kind of talk comes from grown-ass men, that’s a different thing entirely.

Trevor calls this kind of talk Man Talk. It’s how men prove their masculinity and virility to themselves and among other men.

I fail to see how talk like that makes a man a man, let alone a decent partner or lover.

However, not all men are like this. I’m often touched and astounded how many men follow my blog. When I hear from them, my heart melts when I hear how they love and respect the women in their lives and women in general. They’re also the hallmarks of the several male friends I have in my life.

The one thing Trevor didn’t mention in his article is what the Man Talk men say about men say about men who do treat women lovingly and respectfully. It comes down to one word: pussy.

The Man Talk men talk about these kinds of men as if they’re weak, let women push them around, and don’t act or think on their own.

However, I see these kinds of men as being a pleasure to have as friends and clients. People are often astounded when I tell them that men who work in adult businesses treat women kind and respectfully. I also see these men as being more confident in their masculinity.

And guess what, Man Talk guys. These men are probably having better and a lot more sex than you. Now who’s calling who a pussy?

There are times when giving or getting a good, hard pounding is great and exhilarating, but for the most part, great sex is what happens between two people, not what one person does to another. If pleasing a woman and attending to her sexual needs is a burden, chore or obligation, you might as well just sit back with a tube of lube and jack off. No woman deserves to be treated like a dick receptacle, and that’s what Man Talk guys are all about.

If Man Talk guys dropped this kind of talk and behavior, they’d find themselves in better and longer lasting relationships and marriages. They wouldn’t have as many relationship problems that get women pissed off and miserable. I’m not saying that all women aren’t bitches, but in a lot of cases, the way Man Talk men talk about and treat women is a factor.

If you think about it, isn’t the way Man Talk guys talk about and treat women the male equivalent of being a bitch?

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15 Comments on Man Talk Isn’t Very Manly

  1. Great post and oh so true. Thank you for all you do to elevate both sexes and teach us and show us the way <3

    • Bobbie Morgan // September 16, 2015 at 1:38 pm // Reply

      Sometimes I have a feeling that I’m always preaching to the choir. People like you already know what I’m talking about. I’d be happy if one guy read this and thought, “I really need to rethink the way I talk about and treat women.”

      • I bet it does seem like that at times. Lets face most people here are going to have a fairly progressive attitude.
        The people who really need to listen are :
        a) the ones who have their fingers in their ears and repeating the mantra “I won’t hear you”
        b) Kids who are growing up to be young adults and really really need to get given some sensible advise about sex. Too often at the moment they are not being given education that makes sense to them (if that’s all there is about it, why are you and the rest of the world so totally obsessed with it and trying to keep it a big secret) and so either end up totally ignorant or go looking for more information in the only place it seems to available, which is porn. As I said to my teenagers the other week, you wouldn’t expect to be able to learn to drive from playing GTA so don’t expect to learn about sex from porn, they are both going to be about as close to reality as each other.
        Sadly group a) is stopping group b) getting told what they need to know.

        Oh no, now I’m ranting again.

        • Bobbie Morgan // September 16, 2015 at 6:59 pm // Reply

          Hahahahaha! “You wouldn’t expect to be able to learn how to drive from playing GTA so don’t expect to learn about sex from porn.” I love it! Please allow me to use that some time! The line I use and it’s probably starting to wear thin right now — Learning about sex from porn is like learning how to use a gun by watching “Reservoir Dogs.”

          You’re so right about Group A stopping Group B getting told what they need to know. That pretty much goes along with the boys will be boys attitude. People just kind of accept it as fact and blow it off.

          • Feel free to use that quote any time you like/feel the need.

            The boys will be boys things I guess is where the this “boy talk” comes from. Brushing bad behaviour under the carpet shouldn’t be acceptable. If you want the chance to make love to someone, then respect them, even if that means accepting it when they say no, or don’t seem to respond to you. I’m in danger of ranting again :-)
            Over here in the UK guns are less of an issue. But another analogy which might work with current age teenagers WRT guns would be some of the computer games. My youngest plays Call of Duty, we’ve been selective it which ones he’s allowed to have, but can’t control which one’s he plays at friends. But my eldest was poking fun at him about how un-realist the shooting is. He persuaded the youngest to try another game where to start with he found it hard to hit anything. Seems in the first game you only needed to point vaguely in the right direction to hit. Life isn’t like that. OK, now I’m way off topic.

  2. As someone with both Y & X chromosomes I’d much rather have sex with someone than at someone, if my need is simply for release then I’ve got a right hand (it gets jealous if I stray and try the left one). Even back before being in a monogamous relationship when I was often very much fucking rather than making love then I still always wanted it to be a two way thing. Sex isn’t just the physical act of wanting to cum, it’s the sharing of wanting to cum, the wanting each other, it’s desiring and being desired. I did once have a experience with a GF who part way through said “Look tell me when you’re finished” I never lost an erection so fast in my life. (long story she’d changed her mind, we soon became even closer friends and regular lovers)
    Sometimes I make love with my wife and she decides she doesn’t want to cum and I find it lessens the whole experience, part of what I want is the shared need. But having said that, back in the days when I played around a lot it wasn’t uncommon for me to get intimate with female friends to the point where they came and yet it didn’t progress to a point in the evening where I was going to. This never worried me, I have lots of happy memories of happy contented friendly faces, so perhaps I should be more understanding when the LadyAE doesn’t desire her own release, hell I’m not quite sure what I’m saying here.
    But I have no desire to “bang some broad” and I don’t want a woman to “be my bitch” no matter how much I might desire her.

    I wonder whether some of this boy talk isn’t bravado, I recently sat in the pub on the next table to a group of younger mothers and as the wine flowed so the level of how horrid they were to their husbands increased. I doubt many would still be married if their husbands over heard.

    • Bobbie Morgan // September 16, 2015 at 1:34 pm // Reply

      As you’ve probably guessed, you’re one of those men I consider “a pleasure to have as friends and clients.”

      Yes, some of that Man Talk is bravado. My oldest son says most of the men he works with are like that, especially when they go out for their weekly after-work trip to the bar. He says he can’t stand going out with them, but he does because he has to work with them — or in his case, he needs them to work with him. He called me on his way home one night and said, “I can’t wait to get home and wash the ick off me. Some of those guys are really disgusting in the way they talk to and about women.”

      And, yeah, some women can get nasty, too. I only know two. One of them is my ex’s wife No. 2. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to tell her, “I can’t have this conversation with you.”

  3. You deserve a fist bump for this article. I’ve been preaching this to my immature, sexually active male friends. And also to girls who complain about guys who slander their names in their kiss nd tell bragging sessions at the university here.
    Keep up the good work Bobbie. I do love your blog as much as I love ponmo.

    • Bobbie Morgan // September 16, 2015 at 7:07 pm // Reply

      Thanks for pointing out the girl talk/man bashing thing. I didn’t hang around girls like that when I was in college and I don’t have female friends like that now, so it’s been off my radar.

  4. this door can swing both ways. I am a Gentelman to bpth men and women,,that is natural for me. With that said , The “Nice guys finish last’ , can be true. Ilearned in hischool (1976) that treating the grils a nice “friend” She would tell me “how sweet i was” she climbed back into the car with the “bad boy” she was just venting about.
    Reward Good behavior,, and men might follow,,, A lady work friend told me once ” your not like other men” i knew what she ment so i tols he ” yes i and a friendly man,,,,BUT nice men need sex to” . she just looked at me with a strange look.. Nice men dont need sex.. only Bad Boys

  5. PS……just found your post afew months ago….was raised a fundy. went to theology school ,Worked as an asso. minister with young folks and music. Studied my way out about 10 yo.However, I still teach music in a fundy college.

    • Bobbie Morgan // September 21, 2015 at 2:13 pm // Reply

      Ha! I bet going to work every day is a challenge. I have a post about secular sexuality that’s going to run in a couple of days that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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