The Art of Erotica

Masterful Surprises

This is an excerpt of the third chapter of my ebook, A Masterful Seduction by the Book, available at Smashwords.

I got an email from George as soon as I got home. He said he had a wonderful time. He even admitted to be smitten, which I thought was an odd word to use considering that our first date went way beyond either one of us had intended. What was I thinking in agreeing to let him tie me up in his dungeon and get off in front of him in the way that I did? And why didn’t I get pissed off when he left the room right at the moment I was about to come? Why didn’t I get scared and totally freaked out when he didn’t come back right away? Why wasn’t I disappointed that I didn’t get to come?

If anything I was hornier than ever and couldn’t wait to get off, but no matter how long and how high I turned up my vibrator and no matter how hard I pressed it on my pussy, it just wasn’t enough. The butterfly vibrator the G-spot bend at the tip? Not even close. I came like crazy but just couldn’t climax. None of those things could compare to the way the softness and texture of that rope slid back and forth along my slit and being watched by him in the way that he did. I just couldn’t get his mischievous, subversive smile out of my head. And, yes, there was something that was weird about being physically disconnected from him, but yet we were so mentally in touch and engaged.

I went back, still unfulfilled, to read the rest of his email. He wanted to know if I was free for breakfast and for a trip to the Sunday flea market in town.


I showed up promptly at 7:30 wearing a white denim mini skirt that I hadn’t unpacked from my box of summer clothes for a couple of years. I decided to tone it down a bit with a cotton floral short-sleeved blouse and a pair of jute sandal wedges. I wanted to look casual and sexy but not like a hussy.

There was a Post-It Note on the door that read, “Went back to bed.” Was I supposed to come in or come back later? I thought it was odd, but I decided to go upstairs to wake him or wait for him to wake.

I sat on the edge of his bed. He looked quite restful breathing softly and wrapped up in his sheet. After a few minutes, he woke up with a gentle smile on his face.

“Good morning,” he said, yawning and smiling at the same time. “This is a lovely way to wake up in the morning.”

I smiled. I thought that was a sweet sentiment, especially considering I was fully dressed.

But not for long.

He got up and told me to take my shoes off and lay on my back on his bed.

“Open your legs,” he said. His voice changed from groggy and sweet to stern and demanding.

I complied, letting my skirt hike up past my hips.

“Wider. Legs up high,” he barked.

I did what he said. It wasn’t my idea of how I wanted him to see me exposed for the first time — my pussy open wide and splayed in front of his face — but I had the feeling that little would be my idea with him.

He looked deeply into my wide open hole. Thank goodness I shaved before I came over.

“Let this grow out a week or two,” he said. “I’ll want you to get a Brazilian. And get your manicure, pedicure and whatever else you get done at the salon, too. Make the appointment and I’ll pay for it. I’ll expect you to look polished and perfected for me.”

Wow. What an offer, especially with me laying on his bed holding my legs up spread eagle. I was stunned.

“What do you say?” he asked.

“Thank you, sir.” I replied.

“Nice girl,” he said. “Actually, bad girl. You’re being such a bad girl.”

“I’m only doing what I’ve been told, sir,” I said.

“What kind of girl shows off her cunt like that?” he asked. “Her shaved, wet cunt? ”

“I do, sir,” I said. “Because you told me.”

“I did,” he said. “I thought you’d be more of a challenge and not as wet. A girl with a wet pussy is a bad girl.”

I was confused. I knew this was all about me trusting him to let go of my inhibitions, and exposing myself to him wasn’t an easy choice to make. And how could he expect me not to be wet? He was hot, he was attractive, he was sexy, and I was so into the way the way his mind works.

He pulled a rope out of his nightstand and trussed me like a Thanksgiving turkey. Then he prodded a finger deep inside of me swirled it around, massaging and tickling my inner walls and getting them rather wet.

Then pulled his fingers out completely. I looked at him and begged for more with my eyes.

He pulled his boxers down and pulled out his …

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