What Men Find Sexy in Women Over 50

AGWDM what men find sexy in women over 50Women are hard on themselves, especially when skin starts to wrinkle and sag around the age of 50-ish or so. Parts of the body aren’t where they used to be or they’re fuller than they were a decade or two ago. Hair begins to lose its luster and turn gray.

But what do mature women compare that to? Made-up, well-lit, PhotoShopped models and actresses? Women who practically make it a full-time job to work out with personal trainers because their professions require it? Or that one woman out of 10, 20 or 30 at the last party you went to?

Sure, men may steal a peek every now and again at a youthful beauty, but that’s almost always where it stops – at a peek. What men want once they get past the age of 45 is someone they can connect with mentally, emotionally, and even intimate cuddle time on the couch. They want someone who has accomplished the same kinds of successes the come along with having a lengthy career and bringing up babies that have turned into young adults. With those successes come confidence, and confidence is what men sexy. They’re things women don’t see in themselves when they look in a mirror, but men can spot it a mile away.

Don’t believe me? Want proof?

I asked a few men who know more about sex and what is sexy than the average man about what they find sexy in women over 50. This is what they had to say:

Charlie Glickman, Sex and Relationship Coach: Confidence, experience, self-knowledge, and an enjoyment of sex without the worries and fears that younger women are still wrestling with. It makes a big difference!

David Nunez, President and CEO of Top Dogg Entertainment and Co-Host of Just Guy Talk: Women over 50 know what they want in and out of the bedroom. Their experience with past relationships, maturity level and confidence allows them to be comfortable with themselves so no games are needed. Basically a take it or leave it attitude.

Mac McGregor, Ordained Minister; VIP Director,  Seattle Erotic Art Festival; and CEO and Founder, Be True to Self: I find that most women over 50 have come to place where they no longer care as much about what society thinks they should do or be and are more authentic. I also think they know themselves better and what they want in a relationship, in sex, and in life. I find all of that very sexy.

Robin Elenga, CEO, Revel Body: Women over 50 are sexy because they tend to have a sense of confidence and self-awareness that younger women do not. They are comfortable with themselves, their sexuality, and know what they want in all aspects of their life, from relationships to the bedroom.

Ron Jeremy, You have to ask?: Knowledge, maturity and most of all enthusiasm. There might be a lot of cute girls, but they don’t know what they want. Women over 50 have a lot of enthusiasm. They have good technique and really get into it.

Dr. Stephen Snyder, Sex and Relationship Therapist: What my male patients say they like most about a lot of women over 50 is their sheer lasciviousness. They know what good sex is, and they know how to savor it. Plus there’s not so much texting their friends afterwards.

Scott Fraser, President and CEO, Empowered Products (Pink and Gun Oil): The sexiest attribute of women over 50 is the confidence in being beyond the baggage that doesn’t hold me accountable for whatever “he” did in their past in order to focus on the mutual gratification that we are about to accomplish in our present. Her seasoned sexuality also brings an open mind to play my favorite game called Two Guesses – What did I Just Buy and Where am I About to Put it? But that’s a story for another day.

Hey, I like that game! I could easily play that with this, this or this . But Scott’s right. That’s a story for another day.

LSOS-banner-ad-240x400-9Couple (1)This post is brought to you by Little Shop of O’s. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.

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4 Comments on What Men Find Sexy in Women Over 50

  1. Hi

    Like this

  2. I really really wished this was true for the love of my life as she approaches the big 5 Oh.
    As she approached the big 3 Oh she was at times beautifully lascivious (Wow that feels good more more more)
    As she approached the big 4 Oh she came to terms with the fact that there were things that her body loved when it was really excited that her conscious mind wasn’t so keen on the rest of the time and would happily head off in that direction to pursuit of the moment when her excitement would kick in.
    But sadly as she approaches the big 5 Oh her confidence has gone and her desire has faded and no amount of encouragement and love from me seems to help. Perhaps once the line is finally crossed she’ll stop worrying and all these traits will come to the fore. Oh I really hope so because to me she’s still as lovely as the day we got together.

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