More Sex Toys Around the House … and the Tool Shed

A couple of months ago I posted an article about Sex Toys Around the House. My friend Lauren, a cross dresser and switch, gave me a bunch suggestions of other household and hardware items that can really amp up sex play. Given the gear head she is, there are also a bunch of things she recommends from the tool shed, too.

Around the House

Bronze pot brushes: Use bronze pot brushes for sensation play for a rough feeling. They’re soft enough not to cause damage. (Don’t use steel wool pads!)

Fishing pole: An old carbon fiber fishing pole, which are really cheap these days and can be used as a type of cane with the guides removed. The different duty levels of the pole make for different experiences. A light freshwater pole is going to be different then a heavier one.

Hair scrunchies: Hair scrunchies can be used for penis and ball bondage.

Heating pads and cold packs: Heating pads and cold packs used for injuries can also be used for sensation play.

Metal pot scrubbers: Metal pot scrubbers (a kind of ring) that are used to help clean pots can be fun as a sensation play toy or when wrapped around a cock as a kind of punishment device.

Minty and spicy candy: Candies like Red Hot Balls and mint Lifesavers can make oral sex of either form hot. Try a Red Hot Ball on someone’s anal opening. It stimulates but doesn’t burn the skin.

Mousetrap: A small spring mousetrap can make for a good clamp or punishment tool. Just don’t use it to ‘spring’ the bar. That can cause injury and to me is dangerous

Popsicles: Popsicles can be used in sensation play. Use it to run around the genitals, which obviously is a bit “ouch”, and then lick the melted fluid off to warm and excite your partner.

Ping pong paddles: Use ping pong paddles as spanking paddles.

Plastic wrap: Large size boxes of Saran Wrap bought at Costco and the like can be used for bondage play.

Wooden spoons: Wooden spoons can be used for sensation play and also in use in localized bondage like splinting a penis.

Wooden lemon reamer: A wooden lemon reamer can be used as a type of dildo or penetrative toy.

From the Tool Shed

C clamps: Small C clamps like you use in a shop can be used as nipple clamps. I would recommend the smaller, plastic ones. They are cheap and light. The metal ones are kind of heavy.

D rings: The D rings that you find at the hardware store are meant for marine use work, but they’re also great for bondage play and cost a lot less then you will find at a BDSM kind of store.

PVC pipe: The very thinnest PVC pipe can be used as a cane. The larger diameters can be used for spreader bars or any other kind of bondage frame.

Sandpaper: Sandpaper can make for cool sensation play. Tape or glue it around a stick, on a flat piece of wood, or on a sanding block and alternate it with a flogger.

Small power sander: Try using the Black and Decker Mouse sander by putting a piece of fake fur or silk on the sanding surface and run it along your lover’s skin. It also has the added advantage of the company being known as B and D.

Wooden dowels: Wooden dowels can be used as canes.

I also recommend reading Shopping for Sex Toys at Walmart. It has tongue-in-cheek department-by-department recommendations of things you can or should have for padding your love nest, even the obvious and practical things. You’ll never look at things like hair ribbons and dog collars the same way again.

And don’t forget the champagne, strawberries and whipped cream!

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1 Comment on More Sex Toys Around the House … and the Tool Shed

  1. It would be best to remind people that items containing sugar (like the popsicles, strawberry, etc) should be kept AWAY from the vagina, or they could very well trigger a yeast infection.

    Also, wooden items don’t seem very smart. They’re very, very porous and can never be sanitized…not to mention they can frequently have small rough spots or even splinters. Please don’t suggest that they use these items internally!!

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