The Art of Erotica

Morning Glow

I woke to the warmth and brightness of yellow sunlight poured through the window facing east, filtered only by a lacy, gauzy curtains. It seemed to oddly energize me for as early as it was in the morning, but it cast a beautiful, golden glow on you. You looked perfect, restful, softly breathing with your head almost floating on the pillow and light sheets and blankets tossed upon your body. Your breathing was incredibly soft and slow. Your eyelids seemed to say you were in a most comfortable place.

I wanted to touch you in the worst way, my fingers desperate to explore every outline of you, my hands wanting to clamor on your chest. Here you were next to me, but it would be selfish of me to impose my insatiability on you.

I tried to nestle myself close enough to feel your presence but I didn’t want to disrupt the slumber you seemed to be enjoying and probably needed. Minutes seemed to go by like hours and you never moved, never squirmed or shifted. I should have just marveled in the sculpture of your body that laid in a pose that was soft yet strong, more beautiful than masters took …

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