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Ms. Q & A: Can a Penis be Too Wide?

Dear Ms. Q,

I have a pretty wide penis. It’s just under six inches around when it’s hard and it’s a problem for my fiancée.

Sometimes she says it hurts. Sometimes she won’t say anything but I can tell by the look on her face that she’s uncomfortable. I try to slow down and be gentle with her so she can enjoy herself, but it kind of kills the fun for me. Is there something I can do to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable for both of us?

Wide Willie

Dear Will,

Vaginal muscles are extremely elastic. If the vagina can accommodate the passing of a baby, it can certainly handle your extra-hefty manhood. There are a combination of things that you can do that will make sex even more comfortable and possibly better than ever.

Spend some extra time fingering her during foreplay. Start with one finger, and then two or three. Don’t just shove your fingers in and out like you’re digging a hole. Have some fun getting her off and loosened up and lubed by mixing up your speed, movement and tempo. Circle your finger(s) around and rub your fingertips and the sides of your fingers along her inside walls. Wiggle your finger(s) back and forth when you’re trying to get them in deep inside of her or when you’re reading for her G-spot. Don’t just think of the extra time that you spend with digital foreplay as something you “have to do” in order to get her ready for the main event. I bet she – and you — will enjoy the attention and the orgasms.

Use some lube to help get those extra fingers in as well as your penis. Getting extra slippery will probably also help her generate more of her own love juices, as well.

Ms. Q

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