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Ms. Q & A: Do Women Get Morning Wood?

Dear Ms. Q:

I know how the penis and clitoris are developmental kin, they share many properties including getting hard and engorged with blood flow during arousal. Now it’s pretty common knowledge that men, during REM sleep are in a paralyzed state complete with erection: the morning wood phenomenon.

What about you girls and your counterpart organs of arousal? Is the clitoris hard during dream sleep? Do you sometimes wake up with your clitoris in this state?


Dear Woody:

You’re right; the clitoris and the penis share a lot of commonalities. But women’s clits don’t stand at attention like the Royal National Guard first thing in the morning. From what I could find, or in this case not find, in scientific and medical literature, there’s no indication that the clitoris goes through the same physical reactions as a penis does through REM sleep cycles. Then again, I could have just told you that it doesn’t happen to me, but I can’t speak for all women.

When you have a sexy woman waking up with you in the morning, it’s very likely that she could wake up horny. I’m taking a safe bet it’s because she’s waking in the presence of you and it’s the touch and the warmth of your body that gets her frisky, at least that’s the way it works for me. But like at other times of the day or night, her clit doesn’t start to get hard and responsive until she’s mentally and emotionally turned on first, and then definitely by touching, caressing and kissing.

Ms. Q