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Ms. Q & A: He Likes Her Vibe(rator)

Dear Ms. Q,

A few weeks ago my girlfriend gave me a very unexpected and erotic surprise. She blindfolded me, cuffed my wrists and ankles, and had her way with me. The thing I enjoyed most was when she ran her vibrator on my cock and nipples. It was hot. Beyond hot. It kept me hard long after I came.

Since then it’s become part of our sex time, but secretly, I’d like to get a vibrator for myself, but I’m not too keen on going to a store and buying one for myself and asking a salesperson, who all seem to be women, for help. I tried looking for one online, but there are so many. Do you have any recommendations? And am I weird for wanting one?

Buzz Nightyear

Dear Buzz,

With the introduction you got to the pleasures of a vibrator, absolutely not! I’ve had some vibrator fun with my lover, too. It’s a thrill for me to see what it does for him. I don’t understand why vibrators aren’t marketed for men, too. Why should us girls have all the fun?

I just recently discovered a website,, that has a dizzying selection of vibrators. It also carries one that’s marketed for men, the Colt Two-Speed Bullet. It’s a small egg-shaped vibrator that’s supposed to be ideal to tease and titillate those smaller spots like the balls and the taint, and it’s very inexpensive. However, since the egg is attached to a battery pack via a short cord, it would seem to be a bit cumbersome if you wanted to keep your other hand free to stroke or touch yourself in more than one place.

In my opinion, finding the right vibrator for a man shouldn’t be too hard or expensive. As a man, you don’t need all the extras women tend to favor like a bent tip that reaches the G-spot, a butterfly knob that massages the clit, or one that’s made of silicone or has lifelike molded contours that makes insertion somewhat, but nowhere close, to being like the real thing. I would recommend getting a basic no-frills battery-powered shaft vibrator with multiple speeds, which can be had for under $20.

Even if you feel a little creeped out playing with a dick-shaped toy, there are advantages. I like running the side of the vibe up and down my lover’s shaft, and the tip is perfect for teasing the head of the cock or the tips of the nipples. If you want to keep your man card intact, also sells a small stainless steel vibe that’s relatively small … 4.75 inches long and only .75 inch in diameter … and looks very sleek and discreet. It’s easy to keep clean and you can heat it up or chill it by running water over it. The downside is that it’s rather expensive, about $70, but the advantages can make it worth it.

The other thing I think you’ll like about is that it has a very discreet customer service 800 number and email so that you can ask questions in complete confidentiality. They’re also very discreet about shipping packages so no one will ever suspect what you’re expecting when your package comes (pun intended), so they assure.

Have fun and enjoy!

Ms. Q