Ms. Q & A: Is it Weird That He Likes His Nipples Fondled?

Dear Ms. Q,

I’m a straight male in my mid-30’s and I think I have something strange going on with me: I like having my nipples played with. Swear to God, I could have them pinched and sucked on all day long, but I’m afraid of asking a woman to do it for me. It just seems weird, and no offense, gay. I mean, breasts and nipples are something to be played with on women. I mean, what straight guy doesn’t’ like boobs? I tried looking up information on this, and even Wikipedia says that men’s nipples don’t have an effect on being sexually turned on.

Is there something wrong with my body? Is there something wrong with the way my hormones are wired?

Nick the Nipple Man

Dear Nick,

Rest assured your heterosexual man card is fully intact.

Before I go on to say how come and why it’s perfectly OK for men to be turned on by nipple stimulation, I’m not the only person to say the information on the difference between men’s and women’s nipples found in the Wikipedia article is absolutely full of shit. Furthermore, I don’t believe that the sensitivity of women’s nipples has as much to do with female hormones, as well.

I wish I could find some credible documentation to back up or dispute my claims, but let’s say that male erotic nipple stimulation appears to be one of those areas of human sexual physiology that’s woefully understudied and under researched. However, I can say that I know from first-hand experience that you’re not the only straight guy who likes his nipples pinched and tweaked.

Whether nipples are on a man’s or woman’s breasts, they have the same amount of tightly-packed nerve endings. When you’re sexually aroused — aside from the head of your cock, balls, and anus — a number of areas of the body that have high concentration of nerve endings at the top of the skin also become more sensitive to touch like the small of the back, behind the knees, and the undersides of the arms.

Keep in mind that most men and women get sexual pleasure by having their nipples played with during sex, but not everyone. It’s just one of those things like why some people are ticklish and some are not.

And, yeah, I understand your homo-erotic fears. Like most men, you appreciate a nice set of ta-tas on a woman. I’m sure that you get more enjoyment out of touching, squeezing, fondling and pinching a woman’s breasts more than she enjoys having them played with. Also, I can assume that you don’t get sexually aroused by men’s nipples when you’re at the beach or the gym, right?

If you have a sex partner, don’t be afraid to tell her that you want your nipples played with while you’re having sex. Ask her to play with them, pull on them, bite them. I’m sure almost all women will find being asked to play with their man’s nipples is probably the least weird or offensive thing they’ve been asked to do in the bedroom. Why deny yourself that kind of heightened pleasure and enjoyment?

Got a question for me? Email me at msquote2(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Ms. Q

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6 Comments on Ms. Q & A: Is it Weird That He Likes His Nipples Fondled?

  1. JACQUELINE FERGUSON // May 27, 2013 at 4:01 pm // Reply

    Oh Nick have no shame about asking you deserve to be aroused also.

  2. Nick, don’t be ashamed, it’s totally normal. Me, I don’t like a woman touching them, because they’re too sensitive. If a woman or a even a shirt rubs them the wrong way, I bite! LOL

    Just have fun, don’t think about those stereotypes.

  3. Bro … great to read this.
    I am hetro & 65 yrears old. In the last 15 years or so I have grown man-boobs big enough that each can fill my hand. My nips are very small tho.
    I LOVE having my man-boobs fondled, squeezed, pinched, rubbed….and even told (by a woman, always) that she likes my boobs!
    I cxan almost cum from the pleasure

  4. I totally love to have my nipples sucked on and my breasts played with, but I didn’t use to and in fact wouldn’t let my wife touch them. Then one day she rolled over in bed while I was sleeping and latched onto my nipple and gently sucked it. WOW !! did it ever feel amazing to me and since that day I look forward to having it done each time we have sex, or if my wife just want’s to pleasure me. She enjoys sucking my nipples and feeling me up and at times we can both cum from it and I can cum almost every time without needing to lend a hand. I am so thankful to my wife for opening this door and love her deeply.

  5. hi,,, i’m 53 and and straight,,, I never used to like having my nipples touched by anyone,, not even myself,, but about 5 years ago a girl I was dating tried making love to my nipples ,and even tho I kept pushing her away she kept at it,, soon I was addicted to having them played with and sucked, and really got hard as well as my penis,,, but something weird always happens when she or I play with them,, I get very gay/homo feelings thru out my body,,, is this normal at all? thanks

  6. Wow, so straight guys think having their nipples played with is “gay”? Okay, well, here’s the gay guy telling you: you’re nuts. There are many, many, many gay guys who don’t like having their nipples touched AT ALL.
    in fact, it’s more common in the (straight) Black community that guys iike their nipples played, and feel no less manly for it. But then, we’re a matriarchal culture and all forms of closeness are more the norm than the exception. We also aren’t afraid to cry, so there’s probably a correlation between some of the emotional gifts we allow ourselves and the physical stimulations we allow ourselves. I have never heard any of my straight Black brothers trip on having their nipples played with. For us (straight OR gay), that’s normal. Stop tripping over a body part that makes you feel good.

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