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Ms. Q & A: Should She Take a Chance on Her?

Dear Ms. Q,

I’ve gone back to school for my master’s degree and there’s a woman in my program who’s been in a few classes and study groups. Lately, I’ve been getting this feeling that she’s coming on to me. It’s the way she looks at me and finds reasons to touch me when we’re talking or studying. She always sits next to me in class.

I like her. She’s smart, interesting, funny, and I admit that I’ve been curious about being with her. However, I’m not ready to make that step. I’ve always been straight as far as I’ve known. I prefer men, am divorced, and have two young kids.I’m concerned that things could get complicated, especially on the parenting front with my ex, if things progress into a long-term situation.

Am I overthinking things or should I go for it?

Curious Kelly

Dear Kelly,

If you’re already friends with her, perhaps it’s time to have a woman-to-woman talk. Go out for drinks one night after class and let her know what’s on your mind. If she admits that she has her eye on you, tell her your concerns. She’ll either be understanding and supportive or she may decide that being more than friends might not be worth the potential baggage and drama, especially if you’re inexperienced and unsure of your sexuality. .

Do you have an LGBT resource center or PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) chapter in your area? I’m sure there are people there who can give you some perspective and advice on parenting and child custody issues.

For right now, you don’t know what she has on her mind and where she’d want things to go, but it never hurts to overthink things. This is all new territory for you.

Best of luck!

Ms. Q

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