My Valentine’s Day Gift to You

I’m one of those gals who gets a kick out of celebrating Valentine’s Day not just with my lover, but with everyone around me. Back in the day when I worked in an office, I was the gal who brought in a big bowl of candy and shared it with everyone in the office. It’s better to share the love; it makes everyone happy.

These days since I work from home and not at an office, I decided to share my three ebooks free on Valentine’s Day. Take your pick or pick them all!

AGWDM a masterful seduction by the book coverA Masterful Seduction by the Book
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Patrice is a woman who is not easily led. She’s intelligent, assertive, independent, isn’t afraid to question or challenge authority, and is attractive. But when a man she had only spoken to briefly and never saw buys her an erotic classic book, her curiosity leads her on a sexual adventure and to sides of her that she never would have imagined or discovered without him.

A Masterful Seduction by the Book is a contemporary tale of BDSM for sophisticated adults who may look and act vanilla on the outside, but have dark and decadent insides and private lives. Patrice and Sir George will have readers teetering between respectable romance and kinky, daring and boundary-pushing sex.


AGWDM taking flight taking rides cover art 100Taking Flight, Taking Rides – Six Short Erotic Adventures
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Often, what happens between lovers away from home is far more adventurous than the trips that are planned.

Sex away from home, even with a familiar lover, tends to be more adventurous, daring and exciting. There aren’t the distractions of work, chores or family. Plus, there’s a bit of bravery in acting up and acting out around strangers in unfamiliar place. Ideally, getting away from it all sheds – or should shed – inhibitions and routines, even between the most familiar couples, as do the stories in Taking Flight, Taking Rides.

Among the adventures in Taking Flight, Taking Rides … a lover’s impulsive cross-country visit and an arrival that’s a bigger surprise … unexpected accommodations for a snowbound female traveler … a mystery detour on a couple’s weekend getaway … a woman who unexpectedly gets mistaken for a call girl on a business trip … and a couple who connect between the miles on a cold, winter’s night.

AGWDM ebook cover 1A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
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A collection of six sexy short stories that could be about the lives of any number of women you know — a middle-class wife, a marketing manager for a high-tech firm, a newspaper reporter, a book editor — seemingly ordinary women with extraordinary sex lives and lovers.





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