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NS Novelties Serenity Wand – Flexible in More Ways Than One

When I first saw NS Novelties’ Serenity Wand, its rounded edge flat design intrigued me. What could it do that a phallic shaped vibrator can’t?


As a self-pleasure toy, I love that it’s flexible at the mid-point. It’s long enough (8 ½ inches) to position it just the right angle without being distracted by extending and contorting my arm to get it where I needed it – my clitoris, my labia, or deep vaginal penetration. It’s very easy to hold and press the speed/pattern button with hardly a thought aside from the buzz and sensations you’re getting. It’s long, flat and flexible design also allows you to focus on more than one pleasure point at the same time in a “Yee-haw!” kind of way, even on the lowest speed.

If you’ve only limited yourself to masturbating lying down, stand straight up. Hold the base of the Serenity wand in front of you and sway your body as you rub the top half over your clitoris and labia. You’ll get to take advantage of gravity that’s filling the blood flow and engorgement of your genital area. Get your whole body into the groove. Your hips will shift and your body will sway until you just can’t stand it anymore. This is something you can’t do with a dildo style vibrator without putting your arm in an awkward position and hunching over.

I was really happy with the versatility of the Serenity wand, but how it excelled most was as the greatest oral sex fake-out. I enjoy some really world class tongue action, and the Serenity comes pretty damn close. Drizzle on some water-based lube, and the slightly bulbous tip of the Serenity wand and move it up and down (again, very easy to do when you flex it at just the right angle) your inner and outer labia. A-ma-zing! Set it at the first vibration pattern and it’s even more amazing.

As a couples vibrator, the Serenity is loads of fun. Then again, I’m lucky that I have man who likes to play with sex toys. He even used it on me when I was ready for Round 2. His reaction: “I just love seeing how you respond to this.”

The Serenity comes in two colors – fuchsia purple and cornflower blue. Its three speeds are pretty damn intense and there are four vibration pattern settings. The vibrations are distributed very evenly throughout the medical silicone molding. It’s very easy to cycle through them with an easy-to-find and operate button. It’s just one button; all you have to do is press it. To turn off the power, just hold the button the button for three seconds.

The Serenity wand is safe (and fun!) to play with in the shower, but don’t submerge it in a tub or pool. Clean up is a breeze with an anti-bacterial soap or sex toy cleaner and water.

There’s a nearly invisible indentation for the charging pin at the base of the Serenity wand, which can be powered up through a USB port or electric plug. The LED will pulse while it’s charging and stays fully lit when it’s fully charged. It only took two hours to fully charge it when it came out of the box.

At a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $109, the Serenity is an exceptional value on so many levels –quality construction, excellent performance, and it’s very versatile.

I wish NS Novelties had a retail site where you can purchase the Serenity directly from them. If you’re an online sex toy retailer and carry the Serenity, please share the link. This is a must-have sex toy!

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