Relationship Ramblings

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Sex

I’m often asked if any of my stories are based on real-life experiences.

Some of them, yes.

Which ones? Which parts?

I’ll never tell.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have what many women would consider to be the ideal man. He’s handsome, intelligent, articulate, joyful, well-mannered, creative, romantic, and has an exquisite sexual appetite. We often muse in conversations, especially after we’ve had an exceptional sexual encounter (which is every time), that no one would ever believe the sex life we have.

We get our biggest giggles in knowing that to others that we look like a delightfully pleasant and polite middle-aged couple … the kind you might have an interesting and intelligent conversation about politics, music or literature at a brunch or cocktail party. We don’t give off that “hot” vibe. I could easily be mistaken for the suburban housewife type that shops at Macy’s and prefers ballerina flats to fuck-me-pumps. He’s the guy who wears New England sensibility well … Oxford shirts, khakis and loafers.

He tells me I’m beautiful. After all this time, I’m starting to believe him. Whenever I see him, I just want to dig my nails into something … anything … if I can’t get my hands on his bare flesh.

We share a lot of values and personality and character traits. We share a lot of common interests and express interest in the things we engage in individually. We get excited about each other’s conquests of the day whether they’re big or so incredibly small that no one else would give a hoot. We share confidences, some of them very personal, private and even embarrassing that no one else knows.

It’s the latter that lends itself to why we have the greatest sex life we know of.

Being completely open and honest in our everyday lives gives us the ability to be uncensored in the bedroom. It gives us the freedom to take risks, push boundaries and try new things, often spontaneously, without either of us feeling hesitancy or discomfort without asking or second guessing when we’re in the moment, and knowing that we’re safe and loved after the afterglow.

Is it about the sex toys and other props like candlelight and seductive music? They’re available, but we sometimes we forget they’re there … they’re not always necessary. Do we have our fantasies about having sex in outrageous places? Sometimes, but if it’s not realistically possible, we come up with the next best thing, or we have fun and laughs just talking about it.

You may be thinking we sound pretty ordinary. We are and we aren’t. We’re just proof that every day can be erotic.