Over 50? Rediscover Your Sexual Self

Jacky O’Shaughnessy, 62, American Apparel lingerie model.

Jacky O’Shaughnessy, 62, American Apparel lingerie model.

If you’re over 50 or have passed the menopause threshold, you probably assume that leading a sexy and delicious life is for the twenty- and thirtysomething porn stars and red carpet divas.

If you’re one of those women who thinks that way, you couldn’t be more wrong.

First of all, take a look at yourself. Do you look like your mother or grandmother at their ages? Are you doing the same kinds of things they did? If you grew up taught to believe that “good girls don’t”, haven’t you gotten to a point in your life to think for yourself?

The fact is that the female body is designed to enjoy pleasure and sex for a lifetime. Start by reading about the pleasure points of your body starting with your clitoris and vagina.Spend some “me time” getting reacquainted with your sexual self. If you’re no stranger to masturbation but have gotten bored with the same old routine, try some new tricks.

Look into some sex toys. The choices go far beyond the cheap hard plastic phallic “personal massagers” you probably started out with as a young woman. If you’re new to vibrators or it’s been a while since you’ve bought one, the Oh Mi Bod Lovelife Dream Smoothie is a great one to start with. It’s made with body-safe silicone, has seven different pulsation sensations, and you can recharge it with a USB charger. You’ve made it to the 21st century, why shouldn’t your sex toy?

If vaginal dryness is a problem, have some fun trying out some lubes. The choices go far beyond what you can find at the health and beauty aisle of your local drug store or megamart. My new favorite is Pink Water. It’s a water-based lube that feels like your natural vaginal lubrication, is safe for sex toys, and is easy to clean from your body and sheets. Needing lube is not a sign that you’re losing your sexual mojo. If you’re new to lube, you’ll probably wonder why you haven’t been using it all along. It makes sex in all of its wonderful ways so much more amazing.

Remember that age has brought on some changes in your spouse or partner’s sexual self, as well. I’ve found that men over 50 have a different outlook on sex. They usually aren’t lusting after or looking to hook up with some young sexpot. They want someone they can actually talk to and connect with. They’re often more into taking things slower and more sensually.

Men over 50 often have physiological issues of their own. If so, be supportive in urging him to visit a physician. If the “little blue pill” doesn’t always do the trick, there are alternatives he can explore. Or maybe this is a great time to try out some new sexual techniques like erotic massage or tantric sex. Exploring new sexual options will have you feeling like newlyweds all over again.

Perhaps you feel that your body can’t keep up with your newfound sexual self. After all, sex is a physical activity. It’s never too late to get in shape. If my 69-year-old lover can find a newfound obsession with running, so can you. If running isn’t your thing, yoga is a great no-impact way to regain some strength and flexibility and get your body into shape for some sexual positions you didn’t think were possible.

Always remember that sexy isn’t an age; it’s an attitude. If you’re finding that your new-found sexual self isn’t matching how you look, visit a cosmetics counter at your local department store for a makeover. Sometimes what dates us is hanging onto the same makeup routine that you got into decades ago. Maybe it’s time for a new ’do. Get a recommendation for a new hairstylist who will work with you like a blank slate. Put him or her to task with these three words: make me hot!

There’s no age limit to wearing sexy lingerie. If you’ve put a few pounds on over the years, there are lots of plus-size options out there that are just as sizzling if not the same as those that come in smaller sizes. If you’re not feeling sexually confident in a physical way, check out some great tricks to flaunt your assets. We all have physical assets that turn on our partners and spouses. Flaunt them!

Feeling sexier yet? I dare you to say, “No.”

LSOS-banner-ad-240x400-9Couple (1)This post is brought to you by Little Shop of O’s. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.

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  1. How can any woman not feel sexier after this empowering article.

  2. You mention your 69 year old lover?? Parrot is 69??

  3. I am 67 and trying to find a man that would be with me because I am starting over or it feels like that and I find I want to suck on a penis but without one then I want a dildo that is safe to suck on. How do you know which ones are safe?

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