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Perving on Sex Positions On Tumblr

Oh, it’s so easy to get distracted on Tumblr looking for just the right pictures for posts, especially when…

AGWDM i just need a good fuck 400

And you thought I was such a nice, sensual lady.

I’ll be honest. Our sex can be extremely lush and rich, but sometimes it can be wild and feral. It just depends on where the mood and the moment takes us. Right now, I’m craving Parrot something fierce. Not just his the touch of his skin and the form of his well-sculpted runner’s butt and legs, but of the sheer power of his body when his libido is in full throttle. Knowing it probably won’t be for another month or so until we’re together again, you can probably understand how I feel even if any of these positions aren’t do-able for us.

AGWDM pile driver

AGWDM bw doggie style gif

AGWDM against the wall gif