The Art of Erotica

Peter Berube’s Silky Submission Series

I’m so excited to finally share some really amazing erotic art as part of The Art of Erotica section of my blog in this series of photos by Peter Berube. This is the kind of stuff I’ve been hoping to come across from artists/photographers and giving them credit for their work. I hope you enjoy.


This photo series is a collaboration between the sultry aerial artist, Emma Harris, and photographer Peter Berube. Silky submission combines the ideas of circus, and bondage in a way that celebrates the autoerotic exploration of submissive desires. The silks act as a soft, delicate lover which can also be bound around the body to create controlled levels of pain, power, and dominance. This series is meant to encourage women in the sexual exploration of their bodies, and fantasies in a safe, sex positive way.

AGWDM Silky 1 Watermark

AGWDM Silky 2 Watermark

AGWDM Silky 4 Watermark

Peter Berube is a photographer working in Los Angeles, and New York. He began his career in high school, where his first portfolio won him a Golden Key from the state of Connecticut in the 2001 Scholastic Art Awards. Over the years his work has been sold in galleries, and at major art events in Los Angeles. Peter continues to shoot freelance, and is regularly commissioned by actors, models, artists, and small businesses to enhance their marketability. Visit his website at