Toys in the Boudoir

Playing with Sex Toys with Your Lover is Fun, but These Things are Better

Poor Parrot. There are times when I have a bunch of sex toys that I’m reviewing and want to try out with him. I’m sure almost every man reading this is thinking, “Lucky guy!” But when it comes down to it, what we really enjoy most is the time we spend touching, caressing and the feeling of each other’s bodies and what we can do with them while we have outerworldly sex.

That’s not to say that we don’t have fun with sex toys, but great sex is more than sticking a body part into another body part and getting an orgasm. There’s a lot of fun in pampering and luxuriating with each other. Call it extended foreplay. It’s a great way to get in the mood or if you’re a guy who needs a longer refractory period. It should make you feel just as centered, refreshed, relaxed and just as happy as having a turbo-blasted orgasm.

There are sex toys of sorts for times like those, and here are a few of those favorites I now carry in A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique.

Kama Sutra Luxury Bath Treasures by the Sea: There was a night that Parrot and I spent in a sleek and spectacular casino hotel on the outskirts of Downtown Detroit. It had the best Roman soaking tub I had ever been in, and it had a jar of these bath salts. After our second go-round that evening, we just needed to unwind in the tub with a glass of wine. The fresh and clean scent of these salts and the way they made our bath water and our skin feel so silky soft really added to that sublime time we had just chatting and lounging with each other. By the time our bath water cooled, they helped put us in the mood to have sex again for the third time that day. Now that’s something that deserves a Sensual Seal of Approval!

Lovebath Ocean Temptations Gel: I love products from Shunga. This is something that I haven’t tried but it sounds so cool. It’s a solution that turns your bath water into a scented gel. Imagine how that would feel in a romantic soak with your lover? When you’re done with your bath, there’s a powder that turns all of those silky beads back into water. How cools is that? I’d feel pretty safe with this. Everything I’ve tried from Shunga has been wonderful and made with exceptional body-safe ingredients. Lovebath also comes in Dragon Fruit and Sensual Lotus

Honey Dust Body Powder – Chocolate Caress: I get turned on by smells, and Kama Sutra’s Chocolate Caress Honey Dust powder smells just like hot cocoa! It should. Most of the powder is cocoa and corn starch and is completely kissable, lickable and edible. It’s also the finest and softest body powder I’ve ever used. If you like the way it’s like to have feathers stroked on your body, the feather applicator that comes with this powder makes getting it totally worth it. It’s a Product I Endorse. Honey Dust also comes in Strawberry Champagne and Raspberry Kiss.

Kama Sutra Vanilla Creme Oil of Love: Now this stuff is fun! It’s actually not an oil, but it feels like one. It’s fun stuff to drizzle, swirl, kiss and lick on your lover’s body. They’re made with authentic gourmet flavors. There’s nothing fake tasting about Oil of Love at all. It heats up your lover’s skin when you blow on it. Put a few drops of different flavors on each other’s lips before you kiss (we liked the Vanilla Creme and Passionate Peach combination), and Zowie! You won’t be playing with the Oil of Love any longer. At least that’s what happened with us. I highly recommend this for playful couples or couples that would like to put more playfulness in their lovemaking. It’s satisfaction in a bottle and a Product I Endorse. So are the Passionate Peach and Tropical Mango. Other flavors include Coconut Pineapple, Forbidden Apple, Raspberry Kiss, Strawberry Champagne, Sugared Berry, and the Original, which tastes like vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon and has been around for over 45 years.

Kama Sutra Coconut Pineapple Massage Candle: Candles are a must for me in the bedroom, especially if they smell good — like the things they’re supposed to smell like. Lately, I’ve been hooked on soy massage candles because they melt at a low temperature, about 110 degrees, which feels great when you apply it to and rub it into the skin. What I love about Kama Sutra massage candles is how its blend of wax makes skin feel slippery enough our bodies to slide in sync with each other. It’s a powerfully amazing way to have sex! Not all massage candles do that. Kama Sutra candles also contain shea butter, Vitamin E and coconut oil that make skin feel moist and smooth long after your massage — even after you showered. Soft, touchable skin is sexy skin that you’ll want to touch over and over again. How many sex toys have that kind of effect? None that I can think of. Kama Sutra massage candles are also available in Tahitian Sandalwood and Cocoa Mint.

Shunga Mini Kit Massage Oil: I love Shunga’s massage oils. They’re some of the best I’ve ever used. They’re made with oils that are best for massage — almond oil, grapeseed oil, sesame seed oil, avocado oil and safflower oil — and their scents are authentically intoxicating. Beautiful smells lead to beautiful sex, at least for me. A great way to try them out is with this four-piece sampler set that contains 2-ounce bottles of Rose, Sparkling Strawberry Wine, Fetish Vanilla and Exotic Fruit. Since natural oil products tend to start going rancid in a month and a half, open these only as soon as you’re going to use them. If you know you won’t get around using the rest in that time or don’t have enough of one scent for another massage, they’re great after-bath skin moisturizers that will leave your skin feeling silky and addictively touchable all day long.