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Want to expose yourself to your target market?

A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind focuses on sex-positive and safer sex adult sex education, relationship, erotic fiction and art, and adult humor articles.

As one of the top and most influential sex bloggers on the ‘net. I have found a niche with mature (35 and older) adults who are professional, intelligent and sophisticated cultural omnivores who really enjoy sex … a lot!

A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind and its social outreach offers offers some great, highly targeted and affordable marketing and advertising options for your business, product or service.

Plus, I post new content Monday-Friday, not just when I feel like it. Regular readers keep coming back and new readers find A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind every day!

Check out my web/social media analytics in Kinkly’s Top Sex Bloggers list.

Books, Erotic Art &Photography, Videos, TV Shows & Movies

I do not review books. However, I may consider running an excerpt or a chapter of an erotic fiction book in The Art of Erotica section of my site. I will also be willing to ask authors of non-fiction books to answer 3-5 questions about their books, which will be published in a Q&A format. Links to books will likely be linked through an affiliate advertising link where I receive a commission.

I also welcome up to five photos or photos of original artwork to be highlighted in The Art of Erotica section.

I do not review videos, TV shows or movies, but do write about them objectively from time to time.


I  no longer accept products or services in exchange for unbiased reviews. Why? 1. Because reviews generally don’t interest readers. 2. Reviews are nothing more than opinions, and opinions vary from person to person. 3. I feel that reviews present a conflict of interest since I run an online affiliate sex toy shop, A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique. I have never slanted a review in the interest of making a buck, but that’s a difficult thing to convince readers. As a blogger, trust and credibility are paramount.

However, articles about products and services like how they are created or the the stories behind them make much more interesting reads. I will be happy to accept products, books or services that go along with paid sponsored posts or giveaways. In my opinion, sponsored posts are a very effective form of marketing/advertising.

If I find a product or service to be substandard, I will contact the client privately in email with my concerns and withdraw any agreement and payment to write a sponsored post.

Sponsored Posts

AGWDM sponsored post screen shotSponsored posts are generally 500-600-word articles related to your product, company, products or services. They’re magazine style articles that inform and educate readers about sex trends, adult sex education, sex/erotic culture, dating and relationships. You can specify the topic you want me to write about or I can give you a few story ideas from which to choose. You will have final approval of the post before it goes live.

$175 Sponsored Posts

– At least three outbound links to your site

– Top story placement on the front page of my blog for one week — -Monday 8 a.m. EDT-Monday 8 a.m. EDT the following week

– 250X250 banner ad at the bottom  of the post with a disclaimer that the article contains information and opinions that are genuinely my own. (I do not run press releases or company/agency-generated content.)

– 250X250 banner ad on the right margin of all pages for one month (I get about 60,000 page views per month. Does not include ads on the main page.)

–  Notification post on A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind Facebook page with a tag to your Facebook page

– Daily tweets for seven days (@GoodDirtyWoman) that include your Twitter handle

– Daily posts to StumbleUpon

– Tweets and StumbleUpon posts about once every four days for the remainder of the remainder of the month (four weeks).

$150 Sponsored Posts

Includes all of the above sponsored post perks except top story placement on the front page of my blog for one week.

$125 Sponsored Posts

Includes all of the above sponsored post perks except top story placement on the front page of my blog for one week and 250X250 banner ad on the right margin of all post & pages.

A 50% retainer is required to lock in a sponsored post topic and confirmed date. The remainder of the payment is due within 48 hours of the article going live. Payments via PayPal are preferred.


I do not host giveaways on my site.

Banner Ads

AGWDM bathtub banner ad 2I have banner ad posts available in the following locations:

– 950 X 125 banner ad above the blogazine

– 600 X 75 banner ad above posts (articles)

– 250 X 250 right margin banner ad. Top of margin placement.

– 250 X 210 right margin banner ad. Top of margin placement.

– 950 X 125 bottom page banner ad

Contact me for prices.

I do not accept affiliate ads except for special consideration and circumstances.

Other Services

I’ll be happy to write blog posts, assist your company with its social media efforts, or handle your media/blogger relations. Please contact me privately for rates and packages that best suit your needs.

Talk not-so-dirty to me. Drop me a line for more details.

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  1. I’m very impressed with the level of rofessionalism you exhibit in this setup and thank you for sharing it with us!

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