Rerun Worthy: The Sex Education Show

My friends from the UK … how come I have never heard any of you mention The Sex Education Show?

This series was created since sex education is not compulsory in schools in Great Britain. Although it was aimed toward teens, it’s just as valuable for adults of every age — from 18 to 98 — as proven in the video above.

What I really love-love-love about this series is that host Anna Richardson uses proper sexual terms and talks about sex without shame, awkwardness or embarrassment. It’s a series that’s been off the air for a several years, but the content will always be relevant.

While I make it a point not to write about sex education for teens because this site is inappropriate for them, I urge every parent to share these videos with their kids … and for every adult to watch them themselves.

I haven’t been able to find all of the episodes on YouTube, but there are plenty here to get your kids … as well as you … informed.

The Sex Education Show, Season 1 Episode 1
The Sex Education Show, Season 1 Episode 3

The Sex Education Show, Season 2 Episode 2
The Sex Education Show, Season 2 Episode 3

The Sex Education Show, Season 3 Episode 1
The Sex Education Show, Season 3 Episode 2
The Sex Education Show, Season 3 Episode 3
The Sex Education Show, Season 3 Episode 4

The Sex Education Show, Season 4 Episode 3

The Sex Education Show, Season 5 Episode 1
The Sex Education Show, Season 5 Episode 2
The Sex Education Show, Season 5 Episode 4

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4 Comments on Rerun Worthy: The Sex Education Show

  1. As always, you are an invaluable source of information. Will share this will colleagues working on teenage sexual health.

  2. Everybody is sooo busy making sure to prevent anyone under 18 from access to sexual content. I’m honestly not directing this criticism at you in particular so please don’t take it personally. This is a common constraint everywhere and is enforced across the Internet. MUST BE 18 to enter web site. Must be 18 to view material. However, nature does not install chastity devices which don’t allow genitals to be used until the owners are 18. In fact, the majority of people lose their virginity before they are 18. Having sex without access is to information is like shooting a gun in the dark. You don’t know who’s going to get hit with what.

    STD levels in teenagers are rising, and I think a good part of the cause is we’re protecting them from information. Between limiting access to adult materials and abstinence education, we’re producing a generation of sexually ignorant soon to be adults. Proof? This article from the UK:

    “Gonorrhoea cases among girls increased sharply from the age of 15 to peak at the age of 18”

    I’m glad to see there’s some information being produced for teens. Thank you for posting these links!

  3. Margo, my first responsibilities are to adhere to laws and respect parents’ rights to control what their kids have access to on the Internet. I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of the content on my site is not appropriate for teens and I don’t plan to tone things down. I prefer to write for adults. There are plenty of adults who need and want sex education as well as entertainment and inspiration.

    However, I do agree that teens have access to credible and age-appropriate information about sex. I thought this TV series was an excellent example.

    • No, I don’t think you should tone it down a bit. I love your blog just as it is. :) I also agree most of your content is not teen appropriate, and there are plenty of adults who would benefit from sex education. I was just bemoaning lack of teen sex education in general, but not thinking you should provide it.

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